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Team Roping Tips

Facing Drill with a Tire

Trevor Brazile's horses out-face the competition.

Team Roping Tips

Roping Fundamentals: Swinging the Rope

Learn to swing the rope the right way from the start.


Head Horse Build

Jake Barnes prioritizes horse performance above all else. But he's learned a thing or two about how conformation can affect performance.


Patience in the Corner

Andrew Ward Buddy Hawkins NFR

Inner Strength

The Pre-Run Prayers That Keep Andrew Ward’s Mind Right

Andrew Ward turns to God to cope with his nerves before a run.

Trevor Brazile

Team Roping Tips

How Much Should Your Young Head Horse Know BEFORE You Enter Him?

Trevor Brazile talks through the Relentless Remuda's rope-horse training benchmarks.

Team Roping Gear

Andy Holcomb’s Head Horse Tie-Down Theory

Understanding Tie-Downs Andy Holcomb explains when and how he uses a nylon noseband.

Team Roping Tips

Practice Runs

Team Roping Tips

A Parent’s Guide to Coaching Your Own Kids in Team Roping

Parents often raise their children to have similar values, passions, and pastimes as themselves, and team roping parents are no different. If you have a child, chances are that you are in the process of, or planning to, turn him or her into your roping partner. Compared with many sports, a unique aspect of team roping children is they are often taught and coached primarily by parents rather than formal, paid coaches. Coaching children, particularly your own, brings a set of unique challenges. This article will give you ideas for how to coach in a more effective fashion.

Team Roping Tips

Colt-Starting Series: Outside Riding 101

Miles Baker breaks down how he makes sure to keep his horses in positive situations in the pasture.

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