Brandon Webb’s Breakout Win at The Daddy of ’em All
Businessman Brandon Webb got the greatest win of his team roping career at the 2017 Cheyenne (Wyo.) Frontier Days.

Brandon Webb, of Carrizo Springs, Texas, is in his first full year on the ProRodeo road, heading for two-time world champ Kollin VonAhn. Webb, who owns oilfield services company 3S Services, has been hammering away in the practice pen and building his horse herd for the last five years to set himself up for success. His horsemanship and horse paid off in a BIG way at the 2017 Cheyenne Frontier Days, a setup that illuminates both qualities more than nearly anywhere else during the season. He’s accomplished such a feat while running a massive Texas oilfield operation, raising three kids with his wife, Farrell, and loyally supporting other team ropers along the way. Brought to you by CSI Saddlepads.

Chelsea Shaffer: How many times have you tried your hand at the 30-foot score at the Cheyenne Frontier Days?

Brandon Webb: Three times. I’ve been at this for about four years really working at it. Last year, I got all the way to Greeley and I got that staff infection in my leg and had to go home. I went to 40-some rodeos for Driggers the year we roped, and this will be my first year to go all year. I’ve been working at it for four or five years. 

CS: You own and operate 3S Services. How did you start up with the company? Turtle Powell is working for you now, correct?

BW: I started 3S Services with one hand, and we run anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 people now. Turtle is an account manager. He’s absolutely wonderful too. He’s done an amazing job.

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CS: How did your partnership with Kollin VonAhn come about?

BW: I met Kollin about three or four years ago. He’d come down to the ranch and roped in South Texas. He came to the ranch and we roped for about four or five days, and I think our first rodeo was Logandale. He’s just all you could ask for in a partner.

CS: You just tied for the win at Cheyenne (Wyo.) Frontier Days. Did you get nervous at all?

BW: Honestly my second steer was the most nerve-wracking. They were 8.8 on him in the first round–Aaron Macy had him. He looked like he ran and they just got a good go at him. We were 10-flat on the first one. The short go, really and truly, nerves were not there. I just wanted to execute our run. Kollin heeled him right away.

CS: You’re a family man, and Kollin is a good family man himself. Did your family come out to Cheyenne (Wyo.)?

BW: My whole family was there—my wife Farrell, my kids Halee, Haddee and Harper. They were pumped. Kollin gets it. He had Angie and Steele with him, too. It’s tough to be out here and do what we’re doing and running a business and a ranch. It’s tough to be out here, so having them with us makes a big difference.

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CS: Casual team roping fans might not realize it, but you’ve owned a lot of really famous head horses.

BW: I had (Kaleb Driggers’) Dre, I had Fast Time (now owned by Luke Brown but ridden at the WNFR by Kaleb Driggers, Dustin Bird and Colby Lovell), I had Quatro, the big grey horse that Trevor had. I bought Rudy from Arky Rogers two-and-a-half years ago. The issue with Rudy is that he’s so much different than any other horse. Clay Tryan told me in Nampa, when I was having heck, he said ‘I don’t care what anybody tells you, they don’t know how to ride this horse. They just don’t make ’em like that. It will take a year and a half or two to figure out how to ride him,’ and he was right. He’s just amazing, and he’s so fast. A short or long score, it doesn’t matter.

CS: Many insiders consider Rudy the best head horse in the game. Do you have a lot of guys trying to buy him?

BW: I think they all know now that he isn’t going anywhere. He will go to the ranch and he will stay right there on that ranch until the day he dies. With him, it’s not about the money. 

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