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The New TeamRopingJournal.com
Welcome to the new Team Roping Journal.
Roping Steer
TRJ File Photo by Jamie Arviso

If you frequent The Team Roping Journal here on the web, you might have noticed we’ve made some dramatic changes around here.

You see, a few months ago, Whitney Mitchell joined our team—web-designer extraordinaire, and mom to Broc Mitchell and wife to NFR header Spencer Mitchell. Now she works across all of our brands—from the familiar sister-brands of BarrelRacing.com, The Breakaway Roping Journal and CalfRoping.com to our lesser-known (in the rodeo industry, that is) partners at EQUUS, Horse&Rider, Dressage Today, Practical Horseman and The Horse. But we like to think she has a special place in her heart for team ropers, so she made it her mission to give us the coolest website we could ask for.

Mission accomplished, from where I sit.

We’re working around the clock to get everything updated, but surely you’ve noticed the new look and feel of things here. Some small tidbits to pay attention to:

  • Top Articles: We let you know what’s trending each and every week in the top article bar on the side of the homepage. That way, when you head to the practice pen and everyone is talking while they’re wrapping steers or taking a hydration break, you will have easy-access to the latest news everyone’s talking about.
  • Improved Search: Finally, our search function… functions.
  • Custom homepages for athletes: We’re working on building all of these out as we speak, but we’re serving you custom-pages for each of the Pros you follow. Those pages will have their full biographies, every article in which we’ve ever mentioned them, and links to the ropes and gear they use so you can stay in the know.

There will be lots of intangibles, too, that will just make your experience that much better here at The Team Roping Journal. The whole site is designed to show you the expansive coverage we provide this sport—from the pros to the Ariat World Series of Team Roping to the USTRC and NTR and everything in between. We’re updating the site with dozens of stories each week, because this is the single-richest recreational sport in the world, and absolutely the richest Western sport on the planet. And we’re striving every single day to make sure you know everything you need to get the very most out of the industry we love.

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