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What were the high and low points of your year?

We won Salinas (Calif.) and Pecos (Texas). It was a struggle this year–the summer wasn't bad but the winter and spring were slow. If you don't do good there and over the Fourth of July, it makes it a grind. 

How did you manage to stay hooked after a tough winter and spring?

I've done it for 13 years now. I know it's a year-long contest. You can't ever get caught up in it, and you have to keep fighting and working at it and knowing it will turn around. 

What horses did you ride this year? 

Jag, who is 12, and Manny is 17. 

What are you doing to get ready for the Finals?

Chad and I are practicing every day. He has a new indoor he built, so we're working at it every day with a small arena set up. 

How often do you run some on your good horses?

Every so often. I hadn't run any since the US Finals. I have a couple practice horses, but really I need more of them. 

What gear will you have in your trailer for Manny in Vegas?

Classic Equine boots, a Coats Saddle and a CSI Pad. 

What are you working on with your roping in preparation for the Thomas & Mack?

Knowing that what I do is good enough. I don't want to get caught up trying to be too fast.