12 Best Local Ropings in the Business

Fools Classic Team Roping
2013 Dates: April 5-7
Contact: (928) 606-0447
Entry Fee: $25-$100/man
Location/Venue: T/G Arena, Tuba City, Ariz.?Average
Number of Teams: 700?Format: Open, #6, #10, #11, #13 (saddle ropings, mixed ropings, under pick/draw, drawpot)
Payout: Around $21,000
Prizes: Trophy saddles, trophy buckles
How many times can you enter? 4x
What makes it such a value? This roping tries to give everyone from novice to pro ropers a chance to compete and come home with something. Whether you’re just starting out or an old pro, this northern Arizona roping has an event for you.
Locals say: “This roping has grown into one of the “go-to” ropings on the Navajo Nation because of spring fever and ropers dying to get out and roping after a long cold winter.” -Michelle K. Silver

Cowboys for Cancer Research
2012 Dates: Oct. 13-14
Contact: (575) 644-4367, cowboysforcancerresearch.org
Entry Fee: $150
Location/Venue: Sproul Arena, Las Cruces, N.M.
Average Number of Teams: 500/day
Format: Open, #5 Elite and under handicap Draw-pot, #5 Elite Mega-ten, #13 Handicap Draw-pot (all 4-header progressive) *2012 format pending
Payout: Dependent on number of entries
Prizes: 3-horse slant gooseneck trailer, trophy saddles, buckles
How many times can you enter? 2x
What makes it such a value? Some of the centers that receive funding from Cowboys for Cancer have made significant contributions to cancer research. By roping today, you could save a life tomorrow, and that’s definitely a value.
Locals say: “A great local event that supports a great cause!” ?-Shelby Preece

Ropin’ 4 A Cure
2012 Dates: Sept. 8
Contact: (501) 230-3302, smitharena.com
Entry Fee: $30/man
Location/Venue: Smith Arena, Rosebud, Ark.
Average Number of Teams: 400-500
Format: #10 cap (3-head progressive), #13 no cap (3-head progressive), dummy roping
Payout: 70% payout?Prizes: Trophy saddles, Buckles
How many times can you enter? Unlimited
What makes it such a value? This one-day affair is not only a fun roping but a social event for a cause that raised over $77,000 to fight breast cancer. Wear your pink to rope and check out the live auction the day of the event to make your contribution.
Locals say: “It’s a great roping for a great cause! Can’t wait for the 6th annual one this year.”
-Preston Brock

Doug Kaess & Cody Buffalo Memorial Team Roping
2012 Dates: TBA (Sept/Oct)
Contact: (719) 539-5507, ttpcares.org
Entry Fee: $50-150/man
Location/Venue: Salida, Colo.
Average Number of Teams: 400
Format: Open (1- or 3-header), #8 (4-header), #11 (4-header) #13 (4-header)
Payout: $55,000
Prizes: Trophy saddles, buckles, trophy knives
How many times can you enter? 4-6x, depending on event
What makes it such a value? Named in honor of two ropers, the event attracts many who want to honor their legacy. As a result, many of those who attend are committed to the sport which makes a great atmosphere for roping.
Locals say: “The roping is in honor of my brother, who loved to team rope. He loved a good roping; he loved the BFI. I remember when you had to get an invitation to the roping and he did. The 8-head is his roping, it is tough, the cattle are fresh, strong, and they run. My husband and my nephew spend the month before breaking in the steers for the roping, we have many locals that come and help, and I am thankful for that. It is a face rule and it should be that way. This year is the first year for Cody’s roping, he was my nephew’s best friend and my husband’s best friend.” -DeeDee Trenary

Cactus/ Resistol Summer Series
2012 Dates: Series starts June 3rd
Contact: (480) 710-2103, ?prorodeohalloffame.com
Entry Fee: $30-$100/man
Location/Venue: ProRodeo Hall of Fame, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Average Number of Teams: 300?Format: #12, #10, #13 Pick (4-3 steer depending on event)
Payout: $83,000 for entire series
Prizes: Trophy saddles, buckles, breast collars, Cactus ropes, spurs, hats, Pendleton, Buck Taylor prints
How many times can you enter? 5x
What makes it such a value? Not only does your entry get you “good, honest, clean roping” with the scenic backdrop of Pikes Peak, but because it’s held at the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, all ropers get free admission to that, as well. Good roping and a chance to learn about rodeo legends? What’s not to like?
Locals say: “They are lots of fun to do. The great location and personnel putting the event on. They always run smooth and have great prizes! By far the most enjoyable ropings I have been to!” -Seth Vahsholtz

Doyle Hoskins Memorial Roping ?2012
Dates: July 14
Contact: (831) 262-8844
Entry Fee: $30
Location/Venue: Monterey County Sheriff Posse Grounds, Salinas, Calif.
Average Number of Teams: 600
Format: Open draw pot, #6 handicap (Junior/Senior Century Mixed), #7 handicap, #9 handicap (3-header, pick one draw one)
Payout: Around $13,000
Prizes: Trophy saddles, buckles, headstalls, saddle pads, tripping collar, door prizes
How many times can you enter? 4x
What makes it such a value? This roping was created to be a fun and fair event for any roper. Additionally, with its one-award-per-roper rule, more ropers have a chance to go home with a prize rather than empty handed.
Locals say: “Great roping, always good steers, some of the nicest saddles a guy has a chance to win, added money and just a first-class event all around.” -Jon Tracy

National All-Amateurs in Rapid City
2012 Dates: June 29-July 1
Contact: (520) 251-1495, naateamroping.com
Entry Fee: $150-$225/man
Location/Venue: Rapid City, S.D.
Average Number of Teams: 1,900
Format: #8 (3 header capped), #9 (3-header capped), #10 (4-header handicap) all pick 1 draw 2 or draw 3?Payout: 2/3 cash
Prizes: Truck, trophy saddles, buckles, rope bags
How many times can you enter? 2-3x, depending on event
What makes it such a value? This roping caters to the amateur roper, and its format means that you can rope with anyone of any skill level. Plus, it’s a great way to spend the Fourth of July Weekend!
Locals say: “Last year I went there and won 1st and 2nd in one of the ropings. Every steer I had was the same. And if you drew a bad one you always got a rerun. And Ty does so much to keep his ropers coming back with the good payouts and nice line of prizes.” – Jade Schmidt

Crawfish Open
2013 Dates: April 19-21
Contact: (915) 472-3518, llanocrawfishopen.com
Entry Fee: $50-$150/man?Location/Venue: Llano, Texas
Average Number of Teams: 120 ?Format: Open (5-header), #15 (5-header), #13 (5-header), #11 (4-header), #9 (4-header), #6 Cap (4-header/bring 1, draw 2 or all), #4 Cap (4-header/bring 1, draw 2 or all)
Total Payout: around $50,000?Prizes: Trophy Saddles, buckles, breast collars
How many times can you enter? 5x/2x for capped events
What makes it such a value? Not only do you get to have the fun of roping, but you also get to enjoy the rest of the festivities of the Crawfish Open Festival, of which the roping is a part. The festivities range from crafts to concerts and everything in between.
Locals say: “During the Crawfish, there is always great food! Great cattle and great roping, plus it will be the first event in Llano’s new multi-purpose covered arena!” ?-Walker Mac Woolman

Biggest East of the Mississippi
2012 Dates: Sept. 25-28
Contact: (256) 412-3344
Entry Fee: $50/man
Location/Venue: Tuscumbia, Ala.
Average Number of Teams: 1,200 teams?Format: Open, #15, #13, #12, #10, #8 (pick one draw 2. All Handicap.)
Payout: Dependant on entries
Prizes: Trophy saddles, buckles, jackets, blankets
How many times can you enter? 3x
What makes it such a value? The event staff tries to make this roping as fair and as winnable for everyone as possible. The fun and laid back atmosphere makes it a social event with space to set up tent camps around the arena.
Locals Say: “Biggest East of the Mississippi has been a good one for a long time.” – Quick Brigance

National All-Amateurs Labor Day Weekend in Buffalo
2012 Dates: Sept. 1-2
Contact: (520) 251-1495, naateamroping.com
Entry Fee: $150/man
Location/Venue: Buffalo, Wyo.
Average Number of Teams: 1,200
Format: #8 (3-header capped), #9/#9 True Century Roping (3-/6-header capped), #10 (4-header handicap) all pick 1 draw 2 or draw 3
Payout: 2/3 cash
Prizes: Trophy saddles
How many times can you enter? 1-3x, depending on event
What makes it such a value? This roping is a great event for the amateur roper to develop their skills. The production company boasts a large number of steers it uses, ensuring that you get the chance to rope the best stock.

Red Rock Classic
2012 Dates: June 1-3
Contact: (505) 879-6181
Entry Fee: $100/man
Location/Venue: Gallup, N.M.?Average Number of Teams: 2,000
Format: Open, #8 (Pick/Draw), #9, #10/#10 G+Specialty/G+Bonus, #11, #12/#12 Gold Plus, #13 Handicap, #15 Handicap, Century Bonus (all USTRC format 2)
Payout: $400,000
Prizes: Trophy saddles, buckles
How many times can you enter? 3x
What makes it such a value? It’s one of the premiere ropings on the USTRC circuit, but what makes this roping really special is the arena nestled in a red rock canyon in Red Rock State Park. Who knows when you’ll get the chance to rope in one of New Mexico’s truly enchanting natural wonders again?
Locals say: “Cattle are always good, the competition is always top notch and what a setting under those red cliffs. The two arenas are nice, too, so no marathons!”
-Trevor Bartlett

Team Roping USA Trailer Kick-Off
2012 Dates: June 9-10
Contact: (281) 450-9945, teamropingusa.com
Entry Fee: $50-$200/man
Location/Venue: West Cal Arena, Sulphur, La.
Average Number of Teams: 1,400
Format: #8 capped pick 1 draw 3 or all (3-header), #9/#9 Big league capped (3-header/4-header),#10 S/C capped pick 1 draw 1 or 2 (3-header), #10 Big league (4-header), #11 (4-header)
Payout: $36,000
Prizes: Trophy saddle, buckles, pads, ropes, jeans, hats
How many times can you enter? 3-8x, depending on event
What makes it such a value: As with all Team USA ropings, this roping is family oriented and encourages the youngest ropers to come along to the event. For the #9 ropings, ropers 12 and under (#3) can rope two runs for free, which makes the entire event more economical and fun for mom and dad.
Locals say: “GREAT ropers and a lot of action!” -Christina Penny

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