2018 PRCA Resistol Rookie Standings: July 11, 2018
Oklahoma’s Brenten Hall jumps into the number-one spot.

Brenten Hall, 19, jumped from the number-four spot to number-one in the PRCA Resistol Rookie Header Standings after having a successful Cowboy Christmas run with one-time WNFR qualifier Chase Tryan. Hall has placed in the top ranks at the International Professional Rodeo Association as well as winning the #15 WSTR Finale in 2016 with partner Jake Cooper Clay, splitting $150,000 and prizes.

Hall and Tryan added $15,752 to their season earnings after winning the Big Fork (Montana) Summer ProRodeo with a 5.4-second run, and placing at rodeos like the Cody (Wyoming) Stampede and the Livingston (Montana) PRCA Rodeo over the Fourth run. Hall is also 24th in the heading standings in the run for what could be his first trip to the Thomas & Mack. 

Kaitlin Gustave: Who taught you to rope?

Brenten Hall: I’m from Jay, Oklahoma, and my dad is the one who taught me to rope. His name is Bob. He’s an IRA guy. He made the IRA Finals 11 times. He’s the one that taught me everything.

KG: What horses have you been riding?

BH: I’ve been riding a bay horse called Time Bomb. Then I have a red and white Paint horse I call Captain. The bay came from Courtney and Zac Small. The Paint horse came from Jake Clay. I’ve been riding the Paint in Canada where the barrier is pretty short, and I’ve been riding the bay horse down here in the States. Over the Fourth I rode the bay horse, Time Bomb.

KG: What were your goals when you first started out this season?

BH: To fill my permit. I had heck getting off the permit deal. I was on that for a while and then once we got off that it was for the NFR—that’s the goal.

KG: You’re in the run for the WNFR, sitting in the top 30. How does that feel?

BH: It just kind of started happening—making some good runs. We were at the right places I guess. They paid pretty well.

KG: How did you get set up with Chase?

BH: I really don’t even know. He texted me this winter and asked me if I wanted to go to the winter rodeos. I wasn’t even planning on going because I didn’t have a partner so when he texted me I knew I needed to go.

KG: Tell me about your Fourth run.

BH: I believe we won about $15,000. We had a really good fourth—the best one that I’ve ever had.

KG: What are you looking forward to most this year?

BH: Going to the rodeos. I grew up dreaming of these, so it’s pretty cool.

KG: What winning rookie would mean to you?

BH: It’s always been a goal of mine to win the rookie and to make the NFR in the same year. If we start roping good and maybe it will all work out.

KG: Who helps you the most on the road?

BH: Chase—he does all the entering. He takes care of anything. I don’t even do anything. All he tells me to do is spin steers. He does most of the driving, too.

KG: Who do you look up to in the rodeo world?

BH: I like the way Clay Smith ropes. I feel like my style is a lot like his. I think he ropes really good.

KG: Was it a shock going into the PRCA?

BH: It was a big change from what I’m used to. I made the IRA finals a couple years back and that’s what I went to. It’s a way different deal.


1. Brenten Hall               $27,546.02

2. Jeff Flenniken            $24,546.30

3. Laramie Allen             $16,603.14

4. Cyle Denison             $13,793.37

5. Brye Crites                  $11,441.46

6. Tanner Green             $11,320.45

7. Cody Reed                  $5,848.86

8. Chance Rosencrans  $4,908.20

9. Butch Levell               $4,481.20

10. Cole Remington      $3,509.76


1. Ross Ashford              $16,603.14

2. James Arnold            $15,232.92

3. Hunter Koch              $13,659.71

4. Jake Edwards            $12,397.70

5. Forrest Fisher            $5,937.77

6. J.C. Flake                   $3,629.14

7. Quade Patzke            $3,523.72

8. Corey Barnett           $3,119.74

9. Randal Eggemeyer   $3,081.99

10. Jason Garcia           $2,823.59 

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