2018 PRCA Resistol Rookie Standings: July 16, 2018
Flenniken jumps back to the lead.

Jeff Flenniken jumped back into the number-one spot of the PRCA Resistol Rookie Standings after winning the Elgin (Oregon) Stampede with partner Jake Minor with a 5.1-second-run, worth $1,793 each. They placed third at the Cheney (Washington) Rodeo with a 5.9-second-run, worth $1,318 each. Flenniken is also 24th in the PRCA World standings. 


1. Jeff Flennik                                   $28,693.69

2. Brenten Hall                                 $27,546.02

3. Brye Crites                                    $18,665.56

4. Laramie Allen                                $16,603.14

5. Cyle Denison                                 $15,461.50

6. Tanner Green                                 $11,320.45

7. Cody Reed                                      $5,848.86

8. Chance Rosencrans                      $4,908.20

9. Butch Levell                                    $4,481.20

10. Curry Kirchner                              $4,089.02


1. Ross Ashford                                   $16,603.14

2. James Arnold                                 $15,232.92

3. Hunter Koch                                   $13,645.96

4. Jake Edwards                                  $13,057.30

5. Forrest Fisher                                   $5,937.77

6. Corey Barnett                                  $3,672.64

7. J.C. Flake                                           $3,629.14

8. Adam Fitze                                        $3,556.24

9. Quade Patzke                                    $3,523.72

10. Randal Eggemeyer                          $3,081.99

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