Why Don’t We Know the 2022 Team Roping Top 15 Yet?
We promise—we're watching the 2022 PRCA team roping world standings closely, but...
Orman Kidd
Jake Orman and Cory Kidd | Phil Kitts Photos

We promise—we’re watching the 2022 PRCA team roping top 15 closely, but…

Jake Orman and Cory Kidd are still duking it out in the heading. Both have never made the National Finals Rodeo cut before and both have finished close in years past, too. And their futures hang in the balance at the Pasadena (Texas) Livestock Show and Rodeo, which ends on Thursday, Sept. 29.

Orman Kidd
Jake Orman and Cory Kidd | Phil Kitts Photos

Orman, 31, of Prairie, Mississippi, missed his first one at the two-header and will run his second one tonight—Tuesday, Sept. 27. Kidd, 32, of Statesville, North Carolina, was clean in Pasadena on his first one with a 6.4-second run that didn’t place in the round, and runs his second on Thursday night, according to the daysheets list on ProRodeo.com.

The first round at Pasadena paid $1,312 each to Tanner Tomlinson and Patrick Smith, so cowboy math says the average will pay time-and-a-half that. Kidd has a max of $1,312 to win in go-round money, and can win $1,924 more if he pulls off an average win. But currently winning the average is Coy Rahlmann and Joseph Harrison’s 9.7 on two head, so mathematically speaking Kidd and Lane Mitchell would need to smoke a 3.3-second, world-record run to make that happen. Kidd is $2,198.69 behind Orman, and—if all goes perfectly for Kidd—could win $3,236 at Pasadena and break into the 2022 PRCA team roping top 15.

Second in the average will pay $1,629 a man, and at present an easy 16.0 by Andrew Livingston and Seth Smithson occupies that spot. If Kidd and Mitchell can clinch that second-place average check, they’ll have needed to win fourth or better in the second-go round for Kidd to get by Orman—assuming Orman doesn’t go for a go-round check when he ropes tonight (Tuesday, Sept. 27).

Head spinning yet? Yeah, ours too. Throw in that Tanner Tomlinson and Patrick Smith, Dustin Egusquiza and Travis Graves, Tyler Wade and Douglas Rich and Clay Smith and Jake Long are all good on one, with the potential to make the average much, much tougher. And, of course, if Orman wins money in the second round, this all gets more complicated for Kidd.

For those interested in the heeling standings, they are pretty much over.

The [UNOFFICIAL] List of the PRCA’s Top 15 Heelers

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