The [UNOFFICIAL] List of 2022 NFR-Qualifying Heelers

Here’s who [unofficially] made the top 15 in the heelers world standings at the end of the 2022 ProRodeo season.

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The below is unofficial from the PRCA as of Sep. 30, 2022. As pairings become official, we’ll update you with that, too. 

The [UNOFFICIAL] List of 2022 NFR-Qualifying Headers

[UNOFFICIAL] ProRodeo 2022 NFR-Qualifying Heelers

RankingNamePRCA Earnings
1Junior Nogueira$227,877.85
2Jake Long$130,331.68
3Buddy Hawkins$123,076.33
4Jade Corkill$110,855.24
5Logan Medlin$110,691.37
6Patrick Smith$107,368.21
7Travis Graves$106,736.86
8Jeremy Buhler$100,214.32
9Levi Lord$97,443.12
10Trey Yates$95,010.73
11Joseph Harrison$92,115.14
12Wesley Thorp$91,842.70
13Brady Minor$89,022.28
14Brye Crites$86,409.74
15Jonathan Torres$84,854.45
Click here to see the full ProRodeo Heelers World Standings.

Editor’s note: We make every effort to vet the standings, compare notes on rodeo count and cross-reference probabilities to get the standings right and to keep team roping fans engaged and informed. We take our job seriously, but we cannot guarantee that things do not change as ProCom updates information on rodeo counts and payouts. We were almost wrong once—back in 2014 when Chad Masters and Kinney Harrell challenged Tom Richards and Cesar de la Cruz’s rodeo count—and that experience was traumatic enough. 

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