Angelone and Lowman Win Women's Rodeo World Championship Progressive Round

The Women's Rodeo World Championship team roping progressive round results and the list of the top 16 teams to rope in the WRWC semi-finals.

Martha Angelone and Danielle Lowman roped as the second team out in the Women’s Rodeo World Championship progressive round and stopped the clock in 6.28 seconds to win the round, worth $4,350 a man. Angelone and Lowman advance to compete in the Top 16 WRWC semi-finals round in the South Point Arena on Friday, Oct. 29 at 7 p.m. (PT).

Angelone_Lowman_WRWC_ProgressiveRound_LasVegas_Oct2021 from Kaitlin Gustave on Vimeo.

Progressive Round Full Results: 

1. Martha Angelone and Danielle Lowman, 2.68-second run, worth $4,350 a man

2. Whitney DeSalvo and Shelby Boisjoli, 6.47-second run, worth $3,600 a man

3. Rickie Engesser and Taylor Engesser, 6.99-second run, worth $2,850 a man

4. Shelby Mann and Tamara Mann, 7.03-second run, worth $2,100 a man

5. Kaitlyn Torres and Martha Angelone, 7.04-second run, worth $1,350 a man

6. Cadee Williams and Kim Grubbs, 7.13-second run, worth $750 a man

Teams Advancing to the Semi-Finals:

Kayelen Helton and Lorraine Moreno

Lari Dee Guy and Jimmi Jo Montera

Hope Thompson and Whitney DeSalvo

Sydney Ball and Sally Ball

Madison Webb and Aspen Miller

Jessica Montgomery and Lenay Willie

Martha Angelone and Danielle Lowman

Whitney DeSalvo and Shelby Boisjoli

Rickie Engesser and Taylor Engesser

Shelby Mann and Tamara Mann

Kaitlyn Torres and Martha Angelone

Cadee Williams and Kim Grubbs

Rylea Fabrizio and Debbie Fabrizio

Bailey Gubert and Lari Dee Guy

Bailey Kretschmer and Eskie Heart

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