At The Barrier: June Rodeo News

Dog Days of Spring

Shane Philipp and Twister Cain won the 10th Annual Hork Dog Classic in Las Vegas by roping four steers in 27.70 seconds. They came from
13th call back to rope their final steer in 5.87
seconds and win $20,000 each. For the exclusive video of all the 10 years of the Hork Dog Classic, visit

World Series Sets New Course for Barrier Set-Up

After testing the new tweaked Priefert No-Barrier System for the past two years, the World Series of Team Roping is switching to a new barrier set up. The organization will use the new WS System, in cooperation with Priefert, at their Heartland Finale in Guthrie, Okla., and, at this point in time, at the World Series Finale in Las Vegas. This system is a hybrid between some of the features of the no-barrier and standard electronic barrier systems.

The steer eye will be set 6 inches beyond the steer head gate when the gate is open. The head horse eye will be set roughly 9 feet from the butt bar, and the heel barrier will be set at 10 feet from the butt bar. The steer’s head start will be set by adjusting the telescoping Priefert lead-up chute. The development of the simple telescoping lead-up is the one piece of Priefert equipment that has become vital to this system.

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