Best in the Business: Brazile Picks the Top Team Roping Horses at the 2020 NFR
Iconic horseman and 26-time World Champion Trevor Brazile breaks down the horses of the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Trevor Brazile has 26 world titles and has made some of the most legendary horses in team roping. This year he’s commentating for The Cowboy Channel from Globe Life Field, and in the process he’s closely watching the best horses in the game. He’s used his horsemanship to get to the top of his field, and we asked him to break down which horses he thinks are most helping the men on their back here: 

Clay Smith and Marty PRCA ProRodeo Photo by Clay Guardipee

Clay Smith’s Marty

That’s a given. He doesn’t ever get a bad start. The key to everything in every roping event is the start everyone wants, but people like to work on everything else but that. When you hear people analyze runs, they always start with the start, and that’s what Marty does that lets Clay Smith do everything else so well. A horse that will let you do that consistently will let you do everything else even better.

Wesley Thorp and Ray J James Phifer/

Wesley Thorp’s Little Hickory Boon (Ray J) 

Wesley’s a freaking winner. In order to be that, Wesley’s horsemanship has gotten better and better over the last few years. He’s always roped good, but you can tell his horsemanship is a big deal and he’s worked on that. This black horse makes that clear. 

Joseph Harrison and Main Street Boon. James Phifer/

Joseph Harrison’s Main Street Boon (Main Street) 

He looks like Street. I don’t think a lot of guys could do as well as Joseph on Joseph’s good horses. There are probably easier horses out there to ride, but Joseph is such a horseman, that they’re exceptional at what they do.

Erich Rogers and Sandy. James Phifer/

Erich Rogers’ DMO Sand Drifter

She’s let Erich do what Erich does, take the same shot every night. She looks really, really good. 

All Breed Pedigree
Luke Brown and Cowboy James Phifer/

Luke Brown’s Texas Tallman (Cowboy)

He’s given Luke the same shot every night and it’s working so well for their run. Luke can just keep doing what he’s doing for five more rounds and Cowboy will just keep doing the same thing. 

PRCA ProRodeo Photo by Clay Guardipee

Brenten Hall’s Baylite Buster (Timebomb) 

He’s a really special combination with Brenten. Great horses seem to usually peak within a season for a lot of guys. And that horse has proven himself in multiple venues, for several seasons. Usually they figure out the rider and go on to be good for somebody else. For him to stay under him and be the same horse he was three or four years ago, that’s something else. He was great at the Thomas & Mack, great in the regular season, and he’s great at Globe Life, too.
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