Brown and Long Hit $100K in WNFR Earnings with Round 6 Win
Luke Brown's and Jake Long's 4.2-second run bested the field in Round 6.

Photos by Kirt Steinke

The big, strong steers at this year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo haven’t slowed Luke Brown and Jake Long down one bit, as their Round Six win in 4.2-seconds proved. 

They’ve won $100,326.92 in just six days, placing in five of six go rounds, winning Round Two and Round Six outright. They’re number one in the average with 32.80 on six and number one in the PRCA world standings with $205,166.53 and $201,821.93, respectively. 

“We can think that we’ve had a good week and we’re going to keep roping good,” Long said. “More than that, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Brown has won three average titles in the Thomas & Mack, but has never had this much money won at this point of the week. 

“We’ve won a lot of money,” Brown said. “Looking back on it, I don’t know how it all worked out like that. But I thank the Lord it did. Anything can happen tomorrow.”

In the average race, Levi Simpson and Jeremy Buhler are the closest contenders behind Brown and Long, but their leg tonight put them 8.2 seconds back. Erich Rogers and Cory Petska also got a plus five tonight, putting them 1.8 seconds behind Buhler and Simpson in the average race. Those three are the only to catch all six, with Driggers and Nogueira in fourth being the fastest on five with a 28.50. 

Dustin Bird jumped back ahead of Junior Nogueira in the all-around race with his three-way tie for second place in the go-round with a 4.3-second run, worth $15,794.87. Bird now has $183,719.50 won to Nogueira’s $175,036.02. Russell Cardoza is in third with $174,258.54, but barring tragedy, he will not be able to pass his partner, Bird, because they’ll win the same amount over the next four rounds. 


1. Brown/Long, 4.2, $26,230.77

2/3/4. Bird/Cardoza, Rogers/Minor, Proctor/Saebens, 4.3, $15,794.87

5. Wade/Kirchenschlager, 4.5, $6,769.23

6. Snow/Kelly, $4,230.77

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