Buckle Up with the USTRC CINCH NFTR Buckles
The Cinch USTRC National Finals of Team Roping buckles.

The USTRC CINCH National Finals has trusted in Gist Silversmiths for its trophy buckles since the first finals 28 years, beginning at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma then to the Jim Norick Arena in Oklahoma City.

“We started with the USTRC when Denny initiated the concept in 1990,” Jennifer Folsom, of Gist Silversmiths, said. “He actually started with a roping in New Mexico, the New Mexico Championships in 1989. We did those buckles and that quickly evolved into what he created as the USTRC and began to grow the number of qualifiers that he had across the country and as he did that we continued to develop various buckle programs from year to year that would supply buckles for those producers that were hosting qualifying ropings around the country.”

This year the CINCH USTRC National Finals will be giving away top 10 buckles in each roping from the #16 on down to the #7 pick/draw.

“Due to the changes with the USTRC program and how they’re marketing the USTRC now to the ropers and trying to hear what the ropers have asked for, they’ve also redesigned the buckles for the National Finals. They’re giving top 10 buckles in all of the ropings this year, which is a new addition.”

The process for the creation of the buckles starts around the beginning of July. Gist works closely with the USTRC to create these unique buckles as they work hard to develop new designs.

“Because of the history with the USTRC we have been cautious to be innovative and creative with their design from year to year because they have awarded a huge number of Gist buckles throughout the years. We try to keep those designs fresh and still meet their needs as far as budget and quality.”

The stones and color that are put into each buckle give the USTRC Finals buckles a unique taste as well as a different logo around the finals with the iconic steer head.

“It was a good opportunity for us to be creative with the buckle’s design in a different way because their goals were different, because they were awarding so many more buckles this year in a different way than they have in the past.”

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