Christensen and Engesser Aim for Vegas Lights with Women’s Rodeo World Championship Fast-Track Qualifier Win
Sierra “CY” Christensen and Taylor Engesser won the Northern Team Roping Championships to advance to the Fast-Track Round at Women’s Rodeo World Championships in Las Vegas, Oct. 26–29.

Sierra “CY” Christensen and Taylor Engesser secured a spot to rope in the Women’s Rodeo World Championship Fast-Track Round of the Open Team Roping in Las Vegas, Oct. 26–29, after winning the Northern Breakaway & Team Roping Championships Open Team Roping Fast-Track qualifier.

Christensen and Engesser won the roping with over a 2-second lead. They knocked down three steers in 24.72 seconds, worth $2,600 for the team.

“We’ve actually not have had a lot of success together, but we’ve always roped against each other and have been competitors and friends and always want to see each other do well,” Engesser said.

The duo roped at high-team back and captured their steer in 9.21 seconds to win the average of the roping.

“We were just joking around and having fun with it before we went,” Engesser said. “I kept telling myself to swing aggressive because I tend to not. I was kind of nervous, but I was just excited to be there with CY and get to have this opportunity.”

Taylor Engesser Takes Sheridan WYO Rodeo Breakaway Title

They also added $1,460 to their earnings with a second-place finish in the first round with a 7.24-second run.

Engesser, 26, heeled on her 6-year-old red roan mare, Trixie, whom she purchased as a 3-year-old and her younger brother, Jase Engesser, 22, started on the heel side.

“She’s kind of one of those horses that you can do whatever on her,” she said. “You just show her one time and she’s got it. She can run enough; she can stop; she’s got all the right tools, and the greatest thing is she has a great head on her shoulders. She never gets too hot. She takes whatever we throw at her.”

Engesser, who mainly focuses on her career as a Progressive Care Unit (PCU) nurse, has witnessed the opportunities that the WRWC has to offer for female ropers. She and her sister Rikkie Engesser, 24, won the Challenger Team Roping at this same event the year prior.

“The fact that this year they kind of added their own challenger part into it is huge. Before they added it in, I think it maybe scared a lot of those 9.5 teams away because they figure they have to rope against the Lari Dees, the Hopes, the Whitney DeSalvos and stuff like that. I think now having the #9 incentive, where you’re roping against your own caliber of roper is huge. I think it’s an awesome opportunity.”

Ropers Earning a Position in the 2021 Women’s Rodeo World Championship

Engesser is fond of the WRWC’s format in which you compete at the final event having many opportunities to back in the box.

“If you don’t do good in one area you can go back to a different progressive round and make it through a different section,” Engesser said. “The opportunity is huge. You can rope a lot if you want to and if things don’t go your way you still get another chance.”

With nearly two months until the WRWC Championship, Engesser is sticking around her hometown of Spearfish, South Dakota, with plans to focus on her heeling and her work as a nurse.

“CY is about three hours from us so hopefully we’ll get to rope together,” Engesser said. “I have been a travel nurse for the last year and a half. When I was traveling in Texas, I worked as a PCU tele-nurse, which is cardiac, and then when I went to Arizona, I was doing neuro-tele, which is head traumas and cardiac. The same thing when I was in Wickenburg (Arizona) working in Surprise (Arizona), I was working as a PCU neuro-tele floor, which turned out to be mostly COVID floors. A lot of it has been COVID floors for me.”

For ropers who are on the fence about nominating due to heavy work schedules, Engesser demonstrates that the WCRA is here for you. For your share of $750,000 guaranteed payout, nominate your next event and earn points through the Virtual Rodeo Qualifier. All nominations close Oct. 3.

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