Cinch Timed Event Q&A with Lane Karney
California's Karney is eager to compete with the best all-around hands at the Cinch Timed Event Championship.

When I called Lane Karney to ask him about the CINCH Timed Event Championship, I started with, “How many times have you been to the Lazy E to watch?” I was surprised when he said, “Never.” 

You see, Lane’s proud mama is none other than Kendra Santos, our editor-in-chief, who regularly makes the trip to Guthrie for the Timed Event. She’s been writing our coverage of the Ironman event for the last 20 years (yup, it’s our 20th anniversary this month!) and I was truly surprised to hear that her eldest son had never tagged along. 

But it makes sense–Karney has been too busy in the practice pen mastering his heading, heeling, tie-down roping and bull dogging as he makes his way through the ProRodeo ranks. Karney made the College National Finals Rodeo for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and he’s made his mark heading in the California Circuit where he won the Circuit Finals in 2015 and qualified for the Circuit Finals in the tie-down roping, too. He’ll be one of the young-guns vying for the $100,000 payday at the CINCH Timed Event Championship this year. 

Were you surprised when you go the call to sub-in at the CINCH Timed Event Championship?

I knew I was a potential replacement. Kyle Lockett told me I should try to get in. They told me to practice like I was coming, and sure enough, I got the call. 

What event will be the biggest challenge?

I’m going to say the one I’m going to feel the least confident in is the tripping. I’m going to go get some help from Jarrett Blessing. I’ve been tying some on the ground. I tripped one with Kyle Lockett and I’m going to jump into it next week.

What horses are you taking?

I’m going to take my own head, heel and calf horse. I don’t know what I’m going to ride in the tripping and the steer wrestling yet.

Who is helping you?

Dalton Pearce is heeling for me, and I’m not 100-perent on my header. I’m trying to get Lance Brooks to go, but that’s not for sure.

You’ve bull dogged a lot, have you had any bad wrecks?

I honestly haven’t had any bad wrecks bull dogging so to speak of. I’ve always really liked bull dogging. I’m excited.

Why did you want to enter the Timed Event?

I know what it means to be there. I’ve always had a lot of respect for the all-around guys. Nowadays, so many guys are so specialized. Here you get to showcase each event–it’s a cowboy’s event, and it’s a real honor that the Lazy E invited me. 

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