Cold Therapy Remains the Best Option

Years after its inception, the Professional’s Choice Ice Boot remains the top practical choice for cold therapy (cryotherapy) says leading veterinarian publication, DVM Magazine.

In a recent study conducted by DVM Magazine’s contributing veterinarian, Kenneth Marcella, various methods of cold therapy were evaluated for effectiveness, from high-tech units costing up to $5,000 to simple buckets of cold water. Of all the methods, it was concluded that old-fashioned ice was the most effective for cooling horses’ legs as it sufficiently reduced temperature while others did not. The Professional’s Choice Ice Boot was found to be the most efficient way to administer ice to a horse’s legs.

The Professional’s Choice Ice Boot rose above the others and proved to be an excellent product in the study due to its practical design and superior quality neoprene. Elastic pockets inside the boot allow the user to vary the amount and location of the ice depending upon the injury or desired result. The boot is kept securely in place by Velcro-type hook and loop closures. The compression of the boot also adds to its effectiveness. According to the DVM Magazine article, “Research shows that compression further reduces edema and swelling and increases the effects of cold therapy.”

It was also found that the success of cold therapy could be greatly influenced by the willingness of both the horse and handler. A horse may not tolerate being hooked up to a machine, standing in a bucket of water or continual hosing. These methods also require the constant attention of the handler. Not so when using a Professional’s Choice Ice Boot, as the horse can remain mobile without supervision during the icing process. It is also a non-intimidating and more comfortable experience for the horse.

Cold therapy is recommended after strenuous workouts as it reduces inflammation and swelling. Application immediately after an injury has been shown to reduce pain, spasm and cell trauma. The huge benefits of icing and its tiny cost make it a very powerful remedy, and the Professional’s Choice Ice Boot is the most effective tool for putting cold therapy to use. According to research, as little as seven minutes of strenuous exercise can raise tendon and ligament temperatures to 113º, a compelling argument for icing after training routines.

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