Cooper and Medlin Win Hork Dog 19
Cooper and Medlin jump from third to win the Hork Dog 19 in Las Vegas.

Jake Cooper and Logan Medlin roped five steers in 29.51 seconds to win the Hork Dog 19 in Las Vegas, winning $21,700 total at the South Point Hotel and Casino.

“I’m very honored to have won it,” Medlin said. Charlie put on a good roping.”

“It was nice–obviously no wind inside that building,” Cooper added. “It’s such a good facility. It’s different from the old days at Charlie’s (Horky) house but it was still a good setup. That was our first nice little jackpot win together. He’s an aggressive heeler but he catches a lot of steers. I know that if I just kept turning them for him and getting out at the barrier we’d have a chance.”

Their team came into the short round in the number-three spot behind Aaron Tsinigine and Junior Nogueira and Coleman Proctor and Travis Graves, roping four head in 24.09 seconds. Cooper and Medlin roped their short-round steer in 5.42 seconds moving them into first.

“I knew the steer that we had,” Medlin said. “He went earlier in the roping and he was very slow. Jake did a good job on staying behind the barrier. We just kind of drew the right steer at the right time which allowed us to make up enough ground and put a little bit of pressure on the next couple teams.”

“I was happy with making a good run and winning something,” Cooper said. “The team that was high call back roped good all day and had a pretty good lead on everybody, so I didn’t even think there was a chance to win first when we roped. I knew we had a good steer and we could maybe have won second and I was fine with that.”

Cooper roped on Doc, a gelding he bought from Kaleb Driggers. 

“I was on a horse that I bought from Kaleb Driggers last year named Doc. He’s really solid and scores good. He lets a guy rope. He may not be the most athletic horse at the roping but he’ll give you a chance at pretty much anything.”

Medlin heeled on a horse he calls Drago that he has rode for the past few years.

“He’s a horse that I’ve rode for the last couple years,” Medlin said. “I bought him from some people right there where I’m from. He’s kind of what I try to ride everywhere I can most of the time.” 

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