Dees and Siggins Kickstart 2020 Rodeo Season with Odessa Win
JR Dees and Lane Siggins kick off the new year, winning the Sandhills Stock Show & Rodeo in Odessa, Texas after roping two head in 8.8 seconds, worth $3,271 a man.

The 2019 Bob Feist Invitational Champions JR Dees and Lane Siggins roped two steers in 8.8 seconds, adding $3,271 to their PRCA ProRodeo earnings for their win at the Sandhills Stock Show Rodeo in Odessa, Texas.

Dees and Siggins split the win in the first round with Nelson Wyatt and Levi Lord and Garrett Chick and Walt Woodard with a 4.2-second run, worth $1,896 a man, and roped their second steer to be 4.6.

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Odessa has hosted the Sandhills Stock Show and Rodeo since 1933 and is notoriously a tough and fast set up. However, a recent change has allowed more room for teams to make do with tough draws.

“Odessa usually gets really tough,” Siggins said. “They did change the arena to where the chutes are on the right—they used to be right down the middle. In the old set up if you didn’t draw good you didn’t win.”

Dees and Siggins were team 19 in the slack and laid down a fast run with little knowledge on the pace of the cattle.

“This year our first steer was phenomenal, and my partner did a great job,” Siggins said. “JR threw his whole rope and set him up good and we ended up making a really good run.”

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Dees was able to catch both steers while riding his Appaloosa, Famous Dillon, by Lions Share of Fame, setting up both runs for Siggins to heel down. 

“On our second [steer] I got a really good start and were faster than we thought we were going to be,” Dees, who qualified for his first NFR in 2017, said. “Me and Lane are really good friends and rope good together. He is an aggressive roper and a good guy.”

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Siggins pulled back on the 2019 BFI Heel Horse of the Year, a flashy gray gelding, Amigos Sonita Last, also known as Shooter. 

“There’s not a setup that horse is better or worse at,” Siggins said. “I’ve rode him in every setup. He’s one of the horses that can go from the BFI to Odessa.”

Dees and Siggins are not planning to rope together moving forward. After RODEOHOUSTON, Dees will be roping with Justin Davis for the remainder of the year, and Siggins is hoping to make the California Circuit Finals in the calf roping.

“I’m considering getting another good calf horse and start to rope calves a lot more,” Siggins added. “I am going to find a run and keep team roping. We have been good friends and won a lot last year together which was the best year I’ve ever had. It made us grow when we won together. I felt invincible—like there wasn’t anything we couldn’t win. He was a great run while it lasted.”

Full Results:

First Round

1. (tie) Nelson Wyatt and Levi Lord, Garett Chick and Walt Woodard and JR Dees and Lane Siggins, 4.2 seconds, $1,896 each

4. Kolton Schmidt and Hunter Koch, 4.3, $1,327

5. (tie) Twister Vinson and Ben Gambrell and Hayes Smith and Evan Arnold, 4.4, $901 each

7. (tie) Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins II and Colton Campbell and Jordan Ketscher, 4.5, $332 each

Second Round

1. Dustin Egusquiza and Travis Graves, 3.9 seconds, $2,181 each

2. (tie) J.B. James Jr. and Brock Hanson and Brooks Dahozy and Matt Kasner, 4.1, $1,754 each

4. (tie) Levi Simpson and Shay Dixon Carroll, Laramie Allen and Whit Kitchens and Lane Karney and Jerren Johnson, 4.2, $1,043 each

7. (tie) Ty Blasingame and Cody Hintz, Brady Tryan and Cullen Teller and Coleman Proctor and Ryan Motes, 4.3, $221 each


1. Jr. Dees and Lane Siggins, 8.8 seconds on two head, $3,271 each

2. Coleman Proctor and Ryan Motes, 8.9, $2,844

3. Ty Blasingame and Cody Hintz, 9.0, $2,418

4. Nelson Wyatt and Levi Lord, 9.2, $1,991

5. Jake Cooper and Caleb Anderson, 9.4, $1,564

6. Laramie Allen and Whit Kitchens, 9.6, $1,138

7. Hayes Smith and Evan Arnold, 9.8, $711

8. Andrew Livingston and Eddie Medina, 10.0, $284

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