Dees, Ivy and Blankenship Join in Fall 2021

BOULDER, COLORADO— Bringing in a diverse set of perspectives and skills, JR Dees, Lane Ivy and Kirby Blankenship are joining the lineup in Fall 2021.

Shot throughout the summer of 2021 in between ProRodeos, Dees, the 2019 Bob Feist Invitational Champion and 2017 NFR header, explains the ins and outs of riding a green head horse, while Ivy and Blankenship took a deep dive into their wide horsemanship.

“The addition of these three ropers will provide members with a broader understanding of the sport, covering topics that will resonate with the every day roper and elevate their games,” said Chelsea Shaffer, Team Roping Journal editor. “I’m so grateful these three gave us their time and wisdom.”

The addition of their video series will push the total video count on Roping,com upward of 1,500 videos, all categorized by skill level and coach to create step-by-step programs for faster times and increased consistency and confidence.

Dees, Ivy and Blankenship join the likes of Jake Barnes, Clay O’Brien Cooper, Patrick Smith, Matt Sherwood, Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker on, all with videos professionally shot, produced and edited by a staff that understands the sport.

About, now powered by The Team Roping Journal, offers ropers an elite inner circle to learn and build relationships with some of the winningest team roping legends in industry. provides thousands of tutorial videos and personal guidance for ropers of all levels to up their skill. Whether ropers are looking to improve their mental game, learn how to practice with a purpose or up their catch percentages, gives these insights and more. For less than then the cost of a rope, a subscription to allows ropers a seat with the players at the top of the game. For more information, visit or download the App.

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