Developing the Timed Event Championship
A novel concept by EK Gaylord II, AG Meyers, Clem McSpadden and Jimmie Cooper

When original Lazy E builder and owner EK Gaylord II wanted to christen his new facility, he put his head together with partner A.G. Meyers, rodeo notable Clem McSpadden and all-around hand Jimmie Cooper to develop a timed-event contest. The idea was to develop a contest that would showcase true timed-event talent in response to the event specialization that was happening in rodeo. It was a gauntlet thrown down to anyone who viewed himself as an all-around hand. The idea to rope calves, team rope, steer rope and bulldog in a five-round format was no doubt intimidating. Twenty of the country’s best timed-event hands were invited for 25 runs. Instead of a no-time, cowboys would receive a 60-second penalty if they failed to complete the run. The cowboy with the fastest time would be the winner. Spectators would be treated to 500 runs over two days from the sport’s best competitors. Plus, they get to see top ropers bulldog and top steer wrestlers rope.

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