Equinety Partners With Platinum Medal Rope Horse Futurity and Sale 
Equinety has announced its partnership with Billy Myers' Platinum Medal Rope Horse Futurity & Sale.
Equinety teamed up with the Platinum Medal Rope Horse Futurity
Courtesy Equinety.

Courtesy Equinety

Equinety president John Dowdy is pleased to announce the partnership between Equinety and Billy Myers’ Platinum Medal Rope Horse Futurity and Sale.  

“At Equinety, we’re always looking for long-term business relationships with companies and competitors who align with our core values. When Billy approached me about a partnership with Equinety, there was zero hesitation. Credibility is everything in this industry, and it doesn’t get any better than Myers Performance Horses,” Dowdy said. 

Billy Myers from Myers Performance Horses in Saint Onge, South Dakota, serves as stallion manager for Mr Sassy Frenchman, Ima Special Kindaguy, Cowboys Cartel and Lucky Wonder Horse. Myers was inspired to produce The Equinety Platinum Medal Rope Horse Futurity and Sale to draw more interest to the rope horse industry and its futurities — especially from amateurs.  

“I want everyone to understand and experience the joy of raising a baby from birth and seeing that baby succeed or buying their dream prospect and following that dream through the horse’s career,” Myers shared. 

No Wolves Allowed: Intermediate, Limited and Numbered Futurities are the Next Gen of Team Roping

The Equinety Platinum Medal Rope Horse Futurity and Sale features a groundbreaking format that allows amateurs and professionals to compete head-to-head for cash and prizes. A professional roper with a classification of 6 header and 7 heeler and above, and an amateur roper with a classification of 5+ header and 6+ heeler and below will be permitted to compete on the same horse, thereby showcasing a horse’s ability to perform with both a professional and amateur rider. A three-round format offers horse and rider teams an opportunity to qualify back to the short round in one of three divisions: platinum (riders placing 1—15), gold (riders placing 16—30) and silver (riders placing 31—45). A total of 45 headers and 45 heelers combine to offer 90 horse and rider teams a chance at payout and prizes. 

The event also offers an invitational sale presented by Myers Performance Horses that will include premier prospects from some of the most prominent breeding and training programs in the rope horse industry. Daily seminars will feature a variety of industry-relevant topics, while a VIP room offers competitors the opportunity to review their runs with a professional roper. A networking mixer for stallion and mare owners ensures there is something for everyone in attendance. The inaugural event is slated to run from August 31—September 2 at Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma. 

Myers Performance Horses began using Equinety in 2020 and has since experienced notable improvements in their stallions’ reproductive health. 

“We’ve consistently seen a minimum of 20% improvement in the stallions’ motility across the board,” Billy shared. “They also don’t lose weight or body condition like they used to. Toward the end of the breeding season, our stallions tended to get drawn up and sore — now they look great and are happy about their job all the way through. Breeding season is a demanding time for our stallions so we want to do everything we can to put their care first. Equinety is a product that helps us do that.” 

About Equinety 

Equinety is a premier equine supplement company that strives to bring streamlined, affordable and effective solutions to horse owners and competitors worldwide. Founded in 2014, we have quickly gained recognition among both recreational riders and elite competitors as a trusted partner in the quest to deliver optimum nutrition to equine athletes and companions. Our products are specifically designed to enhance every horse’s quality of life by giving horses what they need to help repair at the cellular level – thereby increasing energy, focus and endurance, strengthening bones, collagen and muscle, and bolstering immunity. We offer products that are designed to serve as a solid supplement foundation for any horse at any life stage.  

To learn more about Equinety, please visit us at www.teamequinety.com

About The Equinety Platinum Medal Rope Horse Futurity and Sale  

The Equinety Platinum Medal Rope Horse Futurity and Sale is a first-of-its-kind event, featuring a groundbreaking format wherein competitors will run three head and may then qualify back to the short go in one of three divisions. Amateurs and professionals will be permitted to compete on the same horse and will go head-to-head for cash and prizes, including 80% payback and $20,000 in added money. In addition to the unique format, participants may enjoy shopping for premier performance prospects and attending educational seminars throughout the course of the three-day event. The inaugural event is slated to run from August 31—September 2 at Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma. 

To learn more about the Platinum Medal Rope Horse Futurity and Sale presented by  

Equinety, please visit www.platinummedalfuturity.com or Platinum Medal Rope Horse Futurity and Sale on Facebook. 

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