Father-Son Duo win the #9 Shoot-Out at USTRC’s Cinch NFTR
Steven and Shayne Bomar bank $42,000 in the #9 Shoot-out.

Texans Steven and Shayne Bomar roped four head in 35.85 seconds to win the #9 Shoot-Out, worth $42,000. 

“We were like a 14.90-something,” son Steven said. “I was eighteenth callback in there too and I missed that one. I just roped the back of his body. When I came back around for high callback it was just basically trying to figure out how to get out without breaking out. I ran him down to the backside of the pen and just made sure I got him caught so I could try to win something. It wasn’t really as much as trying to win first as it was to try and place in the Shoot-Out. First place is always good, but basically I just needed to try and make something out of it.”

One thing that made this win even more special was that Steven got to turn those winning steers for his dad. But that also made him more nervous than ever when it was time to rope their short round steer. 

“It meant more than anything because me and my dad have been roping for years, and we have never won anything,” Steven said. “I was more nervous wondering if we were actually going to make it work. I was kind of sweating. I could feel my sweat glands sweating up—it was kind of hot.”

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When you ask Steven what his share of the purse is going to he notes that he’s lucky his dad ended up roping with him because he was having some truck issues.

“I actually have a pickup coming out of Austin (Texas) because my other pickup took a crap, so I don’t even have a pickup,” Steven said. “I actually hauled with my dad and we took the horses up there and my other pickup, my motor went out in it so I was kind of on my last wing. That’s why I was more nervous than anything because I was really needing the money to get me something else. Everything really kind of worked out for the better and I just kept working at it and hoped that something would come together.”

Steven’s flashy 7-year-old grade named Paint helped bail him out of hist truck trouble. 

“That’s the most that I’ve ever won for sure,” Steven said. “I’ve won money but never like that. I haven’t been back to a US roping since about 2014 and we just got our butt whooped down there. I’ve gone places but I’ve been in and out. That was a good payout for a day’s worth of work for sure.”

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