Robins and Robins Win Largest Payout in Roping History in the #10 YETI World Series of Team Roping Finale
Robins and Robins won the largest payout know to man in the #10 YETI World Series of Team Roping Finale

Utah’s Hank Robins and Colton Robins won the #10 YETI World Series of Team Roping Finale after roping four head in 33.07 seconds, banking $376,000, in a roping that offered the largest payout in history: $2,190,000.

“It feels like a good time to catch them and be a winner,” Hank, a 5Elite header, said. “I just wanted another check. I try not to count, measure or think. I just try to get it on them and get ahold of them. I didn’t do that good of a job at on that short round steer. That was the worst one I spun all week I think. I didn’t get a hold of him as much as I’d like to and then he kind of got under me. Then when we came around Colton roped him and took two tries at his dally and got his fingers in there, but we got a flag.” 

Colton Robins heeling down on their short round steer to move them to first in the average. Jennings Photography

Hank and Colton came back second high-call with the team ahead of them having about a two-second lead. But the high call team of Courtney Myers and Hay Hipp got a leg and fell to second in the average, still worth $283,000.

“I was pretty nervous,” Colton said. “I kept telling myself just to not think about what we’re amongst. Then they made us sit right there and watch the last team rope. I started biting my lip pretty hard when they legged to see if they actually ended up winning it or not.” 

Hank is no stranger to the winner’s circle, single-handedly banking a total of $310,250 this week after he won the #13 YETI World Series of Team Roping Finale with partner Kycen Winn and won the consolation in the first rotation of the #11 Boehringer Ingelheim Finale with K C Jensen. In doing so, he became the richest roper in the history of the sport. 

“Colton, K C and Kycen and I, we all practice together,” Hank said. “It was one of those deals where preparation paid off. We were confident that we were prepared.” 

Hank won all of his earnings on the 18-year-old dark bay head horse, Leroy, that he bought from the Guerneys in 2007. 

“I’m going to turn my horse out by the river and retire him,” Hank laughed. “Honestly, I should be able to rope on this money for the rest of my life.”

Colton heeled on a little 6-year-old sorrel mare named Sage who has been in the Robins family most of her life.

“She came from Chad Richard from Roosevelt,” Colton said. “My dad played college football with Chad, so that’s how we got to know them.” 

Hank is the winningest roper at the World Series of Team Roping Finale this year. Jennings photography

When Hank made the call home to share what position he was in coming into the short round, his parents never questioned whether they would drive all night from Utah to watch him rope for life-changing money.

“My dad sent my mom ahead, and then he decided maybe he should come so he caught up with my mom,” Hank said. 

Colton was accompanied by his wife Lindsay and friends to cheer him on.

“I just got married in May,” Colton said. “My wife ropes, but she just had shoulder surgery. She’s been itching to get back to it because she hasn’t been able to do much. I think she was shaking more than I was when we came upstairs.” 

Hank said after he won the #13 YETI Finale he was going to continue to use the same rope. And that he did. 

“I used the same rope,” Hank said. “I’m pretty sure I’m going to hang it up now.” TRJ

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