Jake Minor Building Confidence for Return Trip to Thomas & Mack
Jake Minor, who heeled again this year for Garrett Rogers, will return to the WNFR in the number-13 spot with $75,613 won so far in 2017.

What horses are you taking to the Finals?

The one I rode all year—his name is Cat. He’s 8 this year, and he’s out of Atta Cat. He goes back to High Brow Cat.

What have you been doing to get ready for the Finals?

I got to Arizona a week ago, and I’ve been practicing a lot.

TRJ Photo

What did you learn last year?

I’m just more confident now. I was just happy to be there and didn’t really plan on winning. Hopefully this year I’ll be more confident and actually do good. I think I’m roping better, but it was mainly mental last year. It was just a big deal being there. I wasn’t really that confident.

Is there anything you’re doing to work on your confidence?

Just trying to tell myself I’m going to do good more than doubting it. I’m not a naturally confident person.

Are you and Garrett roping a lot?

We’ll practice a couple weeks before the Finals, but we’ll start roping more as we get closer.

Why did you start roping to begin with?

Most of my family was into roping, and my Grandpa made the Finals in the steer wrestling, and he always got me horses. My other grandpa had cows and calf roped. I started young, liked it so much and kept wanting to do it. 

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