Jr. Ironman: Yazzie Sets Go-Round Record, Meier Retains Lead
In the 2019 Jr. Ironman, New Mexico's Hiyo Yazzie set the Lazy E Arena's Jr. Ironman's go-round record with a time of 39.0 seconds on four head, worth $1,000.

Kansas’ Trevor Meier remains atop the leaderboard of the Jr. Ironman at the Lazy E Arena, despite a record-setting Round 2 challenge from New Mexico’s Hiyo Yazzie. 

Meier, who caught a horn to his right eye in the steer wrestling, finished the go-round with a time of 107.3 seconds on eight head, winning third in the round with a time 57.5 seconds on four.

“This round was nothing special,” Meier said. “I messed up a good calf, but I got him down. I had a couple legs in the team roping, but I got times. I want to be a lot smoother the next round and try to stay aggressive.”

Erich Rogers and Hiyo Yazzie | TRJ File Photo

But the story of the round was Yazzie, with his arena-record setting 39.0 seconds on four head, worth $1,000. The surge put him third behind Meier at number-one and Dillon Jones at number-two. Jones, a 19-year-old from Weir, Mississippi, is 11 seconds behind Meier with 118.3 seconds on eight head, while Yazzie is 23.9 seconds behind Meier. 

“I try to do my best to stay equal in all of my events, so I try not to have a weak event,” Yazzie, 18 from Brimhall, New Mexico, said. “I saw the Open Ironman and watched a lot of it, and I’ve been around Erich (Rogers) a while. He really enjoyed this event, and I just wanted to give it a try. Erich has helped me through this, and I appreciate him for that.”

The Jr. Ironman’s final round will kick off Sunday, March 10 at 10:30 a.m. The aggregate winner on 12 head will receive $10,000, while second will win $5,000 and third $2,000. TRJ


Round 1: 1. Trevor Meier, 49.8, $1,000; 2. Dillon Jones, 54.1; 3. Cole Walker, 55.5.

Round 2: 1. Hiyo Yazzi, 39.0 seconds, $1,000; 2. Tyler West, 49.3; 3. Trevor Meier, 57.5. 

Average leaders: 1. Trevor Meier, 107.3 seconds; 2. Dillon Jones, 118.3; Hiyo Yazzi, 131.2.

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