Keeping Up with Rodeo Corpus Christi
Here's everything you need to know to stay in the loop during the WCRA's Rodeo Corpus Christi through May 13, 2023.
Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira posing with their surfboards after winning the 2021 WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi.

Rodeo Corpus Christi marks the first stop of the WCRA’s 2023 Triple Crown of Rodeo tour, and it kicked off May 08 for team ropers. Here’s everything you need to know to keep up with the action.

For the third consecutive year, Rodeo Corpus Christi will host the first stop of the 2023 WCRA Triple Crown of Rodeo. The (performances) will be held May (10-13) in conjunction with the annual Buc Days Festival and the PBR Velocity Tour Finals at American Bank Center on the Corpus Christi Bayfront with a total payout over $550,000.

WCRA Press Release, October 2022

Rodeo Corpus Christi Schedule

May 8, Noon CST

Of the top 48 teams from the Rodeo Corpus Christi Virtual Rodeo Qualifier leaderboard, 37 roped in the two preliminary rounds inside the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fair Grounds arena. Eight Division Youth athletes also competed in the qualifying rounds.

May 10-12, 7 p.m. CST

Top 24 teams on the two-head aggregate will compete in the progressive round performances each night inside the American Bank Center. The No. 2-4 seeded athletes from the VRQ Leaderboard are seeded to the progressive round.

May 13, 7 p.m. CST

The top two teams from each performance of the progressive round, along with the No. 1 seeded athletes from the VRQ leaderboard, will compete in the Showdown Round.

The three fastest times from the Showdown Round will advance to the Triple Crown of Rodeo Round, following the Showdown Round that evening.

How to Watch Rodeo Corpus Christi

To catch the rest of the action from May 9-13, fans can tune into the PBR Ridepass on Pluto TV, or stream it on The Cowboy Channel.

The Team Ropers of Rodeo Corpus Christi

*DY: Division Youth Athlete

Rd. 1 OrderRankHeaderHeeler
137Rowdy BluemelGreg Phillips
236Deets DavisJayden Cisneros
335Tee LuttrellCaleb Green
434Riley KittleJace Helton
533Joseph BrownJustin Ambriz
632Larry HammonsKent Nixon
731Greg PhillipsColby Talley
830Thomas ZunigaReno Stoebner
929Kent NixonLarry Hammons
1028Kaitlyn TorresTanner James
1127James ArvisoDaniel Braman
1226Reno StoebnerWhit Kitchens
1325Trent WoodHayden Powell
1424Kolden HuebnerLorraine Moreno
1523Ty ArnoldKaden Profili
1622Kolby KriegerRich Skelton
1721Quisto LopezSergio Gonzales
1820Marty McLaughlinJustin Vallejo
1919Speed WilliamsGabriel Williams
2018Cody CameraCasey Hicks
2117Tanner Tomlinson Patrick Smith
2216Billy Bob Brown Kirby Blankenship
2315Beau HebertTye Riddell
2414Dustin MuellerJustin De La Garza
2513Thomas BramanTee Luttrell 
2612Clay SmithJake Long
2711Casey Hicks   Stitches Stanley
2810Zeb ChapmanRoss Lowry
299Koby SanchezZack Mabry
30DY8Holden Warnasch (DY)Hayes Johnson (DY)
318Trevor HowardCody Heflin
32DY7Channing Wescott (DY)Kreece Dearing (DY)
337Caleb GreenJoe Mattern
34DY6Kreece Dearing (DY)Rendon Powledge (DY)
356Kaston PeavyShane Edmonson
36DY5Rendon Powledge (DY)Blaine Burleson (DY)
375Clint KellerBoogie Ray
38DY4Blaine Burleson (DY)Carson Sonnier (DY)
39DY3Sanders McElroy (DY)Scout McElroy (DY)
403Garrett ElmoreTyDaniel Haller
41DY2JT Hill (DY)Colton Clayton (DY)
422Nelson WyattJade Corkill
43DY1Conley Kleinhans (DY)Bray Fenoglio (DY)
Seeded to Wed Perf4Jay Tittel  Trey Johnson
Seeded to Showdown1Andrew Ward   Buddy Hawkins

Progressive Round Roster

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

1.Tanner TomlinsonPatrick Smith
2.Clay SmithJake Long
3.Conley Kleinhans (DY)Bray Fenoglio (DY)
4.Caleb GreenJoe Mattern
5.Trevor HowardCody Heflin
6.Kaston PeavyShane Edmonson
7.Jay TittelTrey Johnson
8.Speed WilliamsGabriel Williams
9.Greece Dearing (DY)Rendon Powledge (DY)

Thursday, May 11, 2023

1.Koby SanchezZack Mabry
2.Riley KittleJace Helton
3.Thomas BramanTee Luttrell
4.Dustin MuellerJustin de la Garza
5.Garrett ElmoreTydaniel Haller
6.Beau Hebert Speed Williams
7.Joseph BrownJustin Ambriz
8.Billy Bob BrownKirby Blankenship
9.Deets DavisHayden Cisneros

Friday, May 12, 2023

1.James ArvisoDaniel Braman
2.Zeb ChapmanRoss Lowry
3.Holden WarnaschHayes Johnson
4.Jade CorkillJustin Vallejo
5.Ty ArnoldKaden Profili
6.Larry HammonsKent Nixon
7.Kaitlyn TorresTanner James
8.Thomas ZunigaReno Stoebner
9.Nelson WyattJade Corkill

Rodeo Corpus Christi Results

To keep up with results and more, stay tuned into The Team Roping Journal’s social media accounts, this website and check out WCRA.Rodeo.

Qualifying Rounds

Round 1: 1. Dustin Mueller/Justin De La Garza, 5.56, $1,600; 2. Clay Smith/Jake Long, 5.73, $1,200; 3. Koby Sanchez/Zack Mabry, 6.3, $800; 4. Riley Kittle/Jace Helton, 6.79, $400.

Round 2: 1. Nelson Wyatt/Jade Corkill, 4.7, $1,600; 2. Billy Bob Brown/Kirby Blankenship, 5.84, $1,200; 3. Joseph Brown/Justin Ambriz, 5.94, $800; 4. Riley Kittle/Jace Helton, 5.99, $400.

Average: 1. Riley Kittle/Jace Helton, 12.78 on two head, $2,030; 2. Dustin Mueller/Justin De La Garza, 13.18, $1,680; 3. Billy Bob Brown/Kirby Blankenship, 13.62, $1,330; 4. Zeb Chapman/Ross Lowry, 14.99, $980; 5. Nelson Wyatt/Jade Corkill, 15.83, $630; 6. Thomas Zuniga/Reno Stoebner, 16.3, $350

DY Average: 1. Conley Kleinhans/Bray Fenoglio, 16.5, $2,500; 2. Kreece Dearing/Rendon Powledge, 17.32, $1,000.

Progressive Rounds

Performance 1 (May 10): 1. Clay Smith/Jake Long, 4.5, $1,600; 2. Kaston Peavy/Shane Edmonson, 5.01, $1,200; 3. Conley Kleinhans (DY)/Bray Fenoglio (DY), 5,57, $800; 4. Kreece Dearing (DY)/Rendon Powledge, 5.6, $400

Performance 2 (May 11): 1. Riley Kittle/Jace Helton, 4.41, $1,600; 2. Billy Bob Brown/Kirby Blankenship, 4.75, $1,200; 3. Garrett Elmore/TyDaniel Haller, 5.11, $800; 4. Beau Hebert/Speed Williams, 9.65, $400

Performance 3 (May 12): 1. Nelson Wyatt/Jade Corkill, 3.86, $1,600; 2. Ty Arnold/Kaden Profili, 4.41, $1,200; 3. James Arviso/Daniel Braman, 4.68, $800; 4. Thomas Zuniga/Reno Stoebner, 9.83, $400

Showdown Round (May 13)

  1. Riley Kittle/Jace Helton 5.21, $1,000; 2. Kaston Peavy/Shane Edmonson, 5.71, $1,000; 3. Andrew Ward/Buddy Hawkins, 5.96, $1,000

Triple Crown of Rodeo Round (May 13)

  1. Riley Kittle/Jace Helton, 10.16, $14,000; 2. Andrew Ward/Buddy Hawkins, 10.25, $5,500; 3. Kaston Peavy/Shane Edmonson, 100, $1,500

Full results.

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