Meet Dash Jackson
Clay Tryan talks about the birth of his third son and his winter with Tyler and Braylon.

I’ve spent a lot of the winter roping with my son Tyler. It’s been fun spinning him steers and roping the Smarty with him. I’ve noticed that Tyler has learned to take the work ethic he’s learned from trying to get good at roping and apply it to other sports. He played basketball for the first time this fall and winter and really got into it and gave it his all and progressed a lot. Now it’s baseball season and Tyler and Braylon are on the same coach pitch team and have been practicing like crazy. Roping has helped them a lot with their hand and eye coordination and their want to win. I think it’s important to give everything you’ve got no matter what you are doing and I think roping and playing sports is helping them grasp that.

Credit: Tryan Family Photo
Credit: Tryan Family Photo

On April 7th my third son was born. We named him Dash Jackson. He’s been a lot of fun already and I’m excited to rope and play sports with him too when he gets older. I feel extremely blessed to have such great kids and to get to help them and support them in everything they do.

Credit: Hubbell Rodeo Photos

I’m out in California now and this is the first year my family hasn’t gone with me. Dash was just a couple days old when I had to leave so they stayed home. It’s been an adjustment not having them with me. I was able to fly home for Easter though which was nice. It’s back to work now, so I can afford sports equipment and diapers. 


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