National Champs: Horner and Hawkins Take Ram National Circuit Finals by Storm
Horner and Hawkins get RNCFR title in Kissimmee, Fla.

PRCA Photo by James Phifer 

Drew Horner and Buddy Hawkins haven’t so much as run a steer together in the practice pen since winning the Texas Circuit Finals Rodeo in early January, but that didn’t stop them from netting $22,479 a man plus vouchers for new Ram Trucks and Polaris Rangers at the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Kissimmee, Fla.

The pair was 5.4 in the first round, placed second with a 5.0-second run in the second round to win second in the average, then win second in the semifinals with a 5.7-second run. They’d back into the box next to last and rope one in 4.6 seconds to win the rodeo.

“They set RNCFR like a Houston or the American, with the best steers on the last four,” Hawkins explained. “It comes down to the fastest time wins. I like that format. In most of those scenarios, when it’s four teams, it comes down to going as fast as you can and hopefully its fast enough to win. Then there was a no-time with the first team, a leg to be 9.1 for the second team. We just had to be 9.0 or faster guaranteed no worst than second but second pays $5,000 and change and no prizes. One team had to beat us. It put us in a spot different from most places, but we just went out there and made our run.”

The last team of Jade Stoddard and Ike Folsom were 4.8, not fast enough to take over the lead.

“I’ve never won a truck,” Horner laughed. “I’ve always wanted to win a truck. I thought the only chance I’d have was the Strait. At the RNCFR they don’t give us a truck, but they give us a voucher to get a Ram. I’ve been looking at trucks, and I hadn’t because they were too expensive. Buddy on the other hand has won three trucks, and now he’s got that on me, but I’m going to get myself a new one now.”

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