The DEFINITIVE List of 2022 NFR-Qualifying Head Horse Pedigrees
NFR-Qualifying Head Horses Pedigrees for 2022, all in one place. These are the horses the PRCA's top 15 team ropers rode all season long.
NFR-Qualifying Head Horse Pedigrees Kaleb Driggers Cuervo
Kaleb Driggers winning Big Fork, Montana, on stylakid. | Clay Guardipee

The 2022 NFR-Qualifying Head Horse Pedigrees.

YES. It’s that time again. Here is The Team Roping Journal’s list of the horses the top 15 headers in the PRCA World Standings rode to make the 2022 NFR. And here’s a little bit about the list:

  • 13.2: The average age of this year’s NFR-qualifying head horses
  • 3: The number of mares who’ve put in time this year on the road. Clay Tryan rode Bulletsovrnitesuxess most of the year, while Cody Snow rode his Horse of the Year Ima Fresnos Dee much of the season. Rhen Richard rode Rubys Rollin, a 6-year-old futurity mare owned by his family’s A&C Racing, to win California Rodeo Salinas.
  • JR Dees’ Famous Dillon is the only Appaloosa on the list, and the first App to do the majority of the work for a ProRodeo cowboy in ages.
  • 20: Riley Minor’s RK Tuff Trinket is the oldest horse on the list at 20.
  • 3: The number of past AQHA/PRCA Horses of the Year on the heading list: Chad Masters’ Madison Oak, Cody Snow’s Ima Fresnso Dee and Riley Minor’s RK Tuff Trinket.
  • Straight run: Lots of ropers opted for speed in 2022. Kaleb Driggers’ Fin Bar Whiskey One and BHR Super Shake, Tryan’s Bulletsovrnitesuxess, both of Andrew Ward’s Cole E Man and RLJ Cashnczechtafame, Coleman Proctor’s Mabee Jessy Can, Dees’ Famous Dillon, Lightning Aguilera’s Jess A Moose and Clay Smith‘ Flinty are all bred to flat-fly.
  • There are zero paternal or maternal siblings on this year’s list.
  • Shining Spark, Frenchman’s Guy, Dash Ta Fame, Mr Jess Perry and Hollywood Dun It all have grand-get on this year’s list.
  • Richard’s Ruby’s Rollin is the youngest horse on the list at just 6.
  • Check it: Here’s the list from 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018, just in case you’d like to compare.

1. Kaleb Driggers

Remis Gays On Ofadoc (15)

Cuervo Pedigree Kaleb Driggers

Fin Bar Whiskey One (12)

BHR Super Shake (10)

Chics Like Hickey (7)

2. Clay Tryan

Bulletsovrnitesuxess (12)

Clay Tryan JLo

Cee How Nifty (17)

3. Andrew Ward

Cole E Man (11)

RLJ Cashnczechtafame (11)

Andrew Ward Henry

4. Coleman Proctor

Mabee Jessy Can (10)

Lena Spark Dunit (14)

Coleman Proctor Lena Spark Dunit

5. Tanner Tomlinson

O Lena C Booge Red (17)

6. Dustin Egusquiza

JE Shining Rowdy (12)

Cajun Treat (11)

7. Rhen Richard

Hustler Lena (19)

Rhen Richard Hustler Lena

Kiowa Star Holder (10)

Rubys Rollin (6)

8. Tyler Wade

Kartells Blue Drift (16)

Espuela Bro (15)

9. JR Dees

Famous Dillon (11)

Murph (10)

10. Cody Snow

Ima Fresnos Dee (14)

Ima Fresnos Dee Cody Snow Annie

11. Lightning Aguilera

Jess A Moose (11)

12. Riley Minor

RK Tuff Trinket (20)

RK Tuff Trinket Bob Riley Minor

13. Clay Smith

Flinty (8)

Sonita Smoking Light (13)

14. Chad Masters

Madison Oak (16)

BHR Super Shake (10)—Sold to Kaleb Driggers for last month of the season*

Haida Pine Quixote (19)

Haida Pine Quixote Friendly Chad Masters

15. Jake Orman

Bar D Mr Jaebarlite (18)

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