Ones To Watch: Sterlin English
Sterlin English, 15, of Benen, New Mexico, won first and second in the average at the Junior NFR Open qualifier at the Downs’ Classic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this February, giving him an early lead in the Junior NFR points standings for the event’s $100,000-added finals in Las Vegas this December.

Who are your Junior NFR partners?

Calvin Taylor, Luke Williams, and Trent Wood.

What horses are in your string?

I’m riding a horse I call Taz—he’s 7—and one named Laser—he’s 10. I ride a palomino—Hollywood—a little bit too. But Tax is my favorite. He rides around there, drags his butt, and jerks the tail end out of them. He’s real cowy.

Where’s your favorite place to practice?

My house.

What’s your favorite roping?

My favorite place to go all the time is the US Finals in OKC. I always rope good up there. I just like the competitive edge. 

I like pressure. It makes you really think about it and catch.

Do you enjoy being home schooled?

Yes, I get to do everything online. I’m in ninth grade, and math is my favorite subject.

If you could rope with anyone in the world, who would it be?

I don’t know I get to rope with all of them anyway. But I like roping with my dad a lot. My dad knows all of those Open guys so I get to rope with them anyway.

What rope do you use?

The Hypnotic, in medium lay, by Cactus.

Why did you end up heeling?

My dad has always headed. I used to head when I was little. But heading is boring, heeling is a lot more fun. I was heading for my dad at the junior rodeos. He missed one real bad so I started heeling.

I want to make the Finals and win the world.

What are your short-term goals for 2018?

I want to win the US Finals and win the world in the Junior NFR. I’m roping at the World Series Finals in the #14, too, so I want to do good there too.

What’s your favorite in-arena memory?

Probably winning the US Finals with my dad. That was pretty cool.

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