Podcasts Ropers Should Be Listening To

The Team Roping Journal's podcast picks.

With the growth of The ScoreThe Team Roping Journal’s podcast— we couldn’t be more grateful and excited. We at The Team Roping Journal wanted to share some of our favorite podcasts, besides our own, with you. 

Here are podcasts in the industry that you should be listening to.  

NFR Extra

The NFR Extra is a bi-monthly podcast with hosts Bo Gardner and Nevada Colwell, brought to you by Las Vegas Events. This podcast covers everything from the Wrangler NFR and features icons in the Western industry. 


A new addition to the Equine Network at Active Interest Media is AskAnnie, hosted by Annie Kennedy. The AskAnnie podcast is your chance to catch up on the latest and greatest horse products. You can also email Annie about any products you’d like reviewed on upcoming episodes. Email Annie at [email protected]

The Practical Horseman Podcast 

The Practical Horseman Podcast, co-hosted by Practical Horseman editors Sandra Oliynyk, Emily Daily and Jocelyn Pierce, this podcast features conversations with respected riders, industry leaders and horse care experts to inform and inspire listeners. It might not be your specific discipline, but horsemanship is horsemanship, right? Listen in for new episodes released every other Friday. 

X Factor Roping Podcast 

Our friends over at X Factor Roping (a new World Series of Team Roping sponsor in 2019) have done a great job at connecting with some of ropings greatest athletes and influencers in the sport. The X Factor Roping Podcast, hosted by Pace Freed, is another great podcast to listen to on the road to catch up on the lives and stories of team ropers. 

The Definition of Success 

The Definition of Success podcast, hosted by Skyline Bit and Spur owner Carson Jorgensen, covers Western influencers in the world and their journey to success. Jorgensen even has an episode with The Score host Chelsea Shaffer on her life journey, as well as NFR header and RFD-TV’s The American Champ Coleman Proctor

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