PRCA Resistol Rookie Standings, August 13, 2018

Resistol Rookies Green and Fisher bank $3,716.

Tanner Green and Forrest Fisher had a big weekend banking $3,716 each.  They placed sixth at the Lea County Fair & PRCA Rodeo in Lovington, New Mexico, roping two head in 14.9 seconds, worth $977 each, and won the first round with a 4.8-second-run, worth $1,872 each. Then placed fifth at the Lawton (Oklahoma) Rangers Rodeo with a 5.2-second-run, worth $1,867 each. Green is sixth in the PRCA Resistol Rookie Standings with $17,573.61. Fisher is fifth with $10,653.31.

Ross Ashford and partner Blake Teixeira won the Cache County Fair And Rodeo in Logan, Utah with a 4.7-second-run, worth $2,813 each. They also placed fifth at the Missoula (Montana) Stampede with a 5.1-second-run, worth $1,634 each. Ashford continues to hang onto the number-three spot in the Rookie Standings with $18,958.77.

Quade Patzke is currently sixth in the Rookie Standings after tying Erich Rogers and Clint Summers for second at the Omak (Washington) Stampede with a 5.6-second-run, worth $2,091 each. 

Butch Levell and partner Brady Kyle won the Rusk County Rodeo in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, roping their steer in 5.5 seconds, worth $1,371 each. Levell now has $6,448.95 won. 

Brenten Hall and partner Chase Tryan tied Chad Masters and Joseph Harrison at the Farm-City Pro Rodeo in Hermiston, Oregon for second in the average with a time of 9.9 seconds on two head, worth $2,402 each. They roped their first steer in 5.0 seconds for seventh, worth $433 each, and sixth in the second round with a 4.9-second-run, worth $692 each. Hall is still number-one in the Rookie Standings and 23rd in the PRCA World Standings with $42,731.17.


1. Brenten Hall                                         $42,731.17

2. Jeff Flenniken                                    $40,640.86

3. Brye Crites                                           $21,003.92

4. Laramie Allen                                        $17,573.61

5. Cyle Denison                                        $16,110.60

6. Tanner Green                                       $16,035.99

7. Curry Kirchner                                        $8,485.27

8. Chance Rosencrans                              $7,012.64

9. Cody Reed                                              $7,007.32

9. Butch Levell                                           $6,448.95


1. James Arnold                                       $22,198.89

2. Hunter Koch                                        $20,470.05

3. Ross Ashford                                         $18,958.77

4. Jake Edwards                                        $14,847.72

5. Forrest Fisher                                        $10,653.31

6. Quade Patzke                                         $5,614.31

7. Corey Barnett                                         $5,058.43

8. J.C. Flake                                                $4,305.94

9. Adam Fitze                                              $3,556.24

10. Randal Eggemeyer                                $3,547.59

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