PRCA Resistol Rookie Standings, August 20, 2018

Flenniken adds $1,888 to his Resistol Rookie earnings.

Jeff Flenniken placed sixth at the Fallon County Fair & Rodeo in Baker, Montana with partner Jake Minor with a 4.7-second-run, worth $1,888. Flenniken now has $42,528.37 in the Resistol Rookie Standings and is in the top 30 in the PRCA World Standings. 

Brenten Hall and his partner Chase Tryan placed seventh in the average at the Caldwell (Idaho) Night Rodeo with a time of 23.1 seconds on three head, worth $780 each. They tied Billy Bob Brown and Shay Carroll for eighth in the first round with a 5.4-second-run, worth $104 each. Hall continues to hold onto the number-one spot in the Resistol Rookie Standings and is currently 26th in the PRCA World Standings with $43,615.24.

James Arnold is still number-one on the heel side. He and new partner Mason Boettcher placed fifth at the Seward County PRCA Rodeo in Liberal, Kansas with a 12.2-second-run, worth $328 each. They also tied Will Clark and Tanner Ward for fifth at the Inter-State Rodeo in Coffeyville, Kansas with a 5.4-second-run, worth $952 each.


1. Brenten Hall                        $43,615.24

2. Jeff Flenniken                     $42,528.37

3. Brye Crites                           $21,003.92

4. Laramie Allen                        $17,573.61

5. Cyle Denison                        $16,110.60

6. Tanner Green                       $16,035.99

7. Curry Kirchner                        $8,980.18

8. Chance Rosencrans               $7,927.96

9. Butch Levell                            $7,153.94

10. Cody Reed                            $7,007.29


1. James Arnold                        $23,478.47

2. Hunter Koch                         $20,470.05

3. Ross Ashford                        $ 20,025.08

4. Jake Edwards                         $15,524.52

5. Forrest Fisher                          $10,653.31

6. Quade Patzke                           $5,614.31

7. Corey Barnett                           $5,551.93

8. J.C. Flake                                 $4,842.84

9. Adam Fitze                               $3,556.24

10. Randal Eggemeyer                 $3,547.59

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