PRCA Resistol Rookie Standings: October 1, 2018
Flenniken and Ashford win Resistol Rookie titles

Jeff Flenniken and partner Jake Minor won the Young Living Last Chance PRCA Rodeo with a 5.6-second-run, worth $1,978 a man. Flenniken fell short of making the finals ending the regular season 18th in the world but, he did manage to hang onto first in the Resistol Rookie race with $61,825.58.

Ross Ashford and partner Blake Teixeira won second in the second round at the Pasadena (Texas) Livestock Show & Rodeo with a 4.4-second-run, worth $1,096 a man. Ashford won the Resistol Rookie heeler standings with $26,916.94.

Brenten Hall roped with Chase Tryan, who will be roping at the WNFR this year. He and Tryan tied Cory Kidd V and Caleb Anderson for fifth in the first round at the Pasadena (Texas) Livestock Show & Rodeo with a 4.9-second-run, worth $320 a man. Hall ended the season second in the Resistol Rookie standings with $54,913.79.

Tanner Green finished the year roping with 16-time WNFR qualifier Martin Lucero  at the Apache (Oklahoma) Stampede. They placed seventh with a 6.7-second-run, worth $385 a man. Green finished his rookie year sixth in the Resistol Rookie standings. 

Curry Kirchner roped with Daniel Reed to win the River City Rodeo in Omaha, Nebraska with a 4.8-second-run, worth $2,772 a man. They placed sixth at the Apache Stampede with a 6.3-second-run, worth $617 a man. Kirchner ended the regular season seventh in the Resistol Rookie standings with $14,041.11.

Hunter Koch heeled for Bubba Buckaloo, who will be making his first appearance at this years Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, at the 49th Annual Cowboy Capital Of The World PRCA Rodeo in Stephenville, Texas to tie for first with Tyler Wade and Tyler McKnight with a 3.9-second-run, worth $3,532 a man. Koch placed third in the Resistol Rookie standings with $25,002.10.


1. Jeff Flenniken $61,825.58

2. Brenten Hall $54,913.79

3. Brye Crites $24,311.44

4. Cyle Denison $20,563.11

5. Laramie Allen $17,573.61

6. Tanner Green $17,572.41

7. Curry Kirchner $14,041.11

8. Austin Crist $9,089.91

9. Butch Levell $8,024.61

10. Chance Rosencrans $7,927.96


1. Ross Ashford $26,916.94

2. James Arnold $25,109.08

3. Hunter Koch $25,002.10

4. Jake Edwards $18,063.22

5. Forrest Fisher $10,653.30

6. JC Flake $6,899.24

7. Corey Barnett $6,488.17

8. Quade Patzke $5,614.31

9. Tyson Thompson $3,636.02

10. Adam Fitze $3,556.24

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