PRCA Resistol Rookie Standings: Sept. 25, 2018
Resistol Rookies continue to shake things up.

Tanner Green roped with Timber Moore at the Springhill (Louisiana) PRCA Rodeo. They tied Erich Rogers and Clint Summers for third with a 4.1-second-run, worth $1,151 a man. Green continues to hang onto that number-6 spot in the Resistol Rookie heading standings with $17,187.01.

Tyson Thompson heeled for Chace Thompson at the Four States Fair & Rodeo in Texarkana. They tied Jesse Stipes and Jake Smith for seventh with a 4.7-second-run, worth $885 a man. Thompson is now ninth in the Resistol Heeling standings with $3,636.02.

Corey Barnett moved from eighth to seventh in the heeling standings after adding $936 to his earnings. He and Keith Hana won second at the Coy Lutz Memorial Rodeo in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania with a 5.7-second-run.

Cyle Denison and his partner Colbey Payne tied Derrick Begay and Cory Petska and Clay Smith and Paul Eaves for fifth at the Amarillo (Texas) Tri-State Fair and Rodeo with a 4.8-second-run, worth $1,736 a man. Denison is still hanging onto the number-4 spot in the heading standings with $20,563.11.

Jake Edwards and partner Colby Clement tied Ross Lowry and Stephen Britnell at the Coy Lutz Memorial Rodeo in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania for sixth with a 10.4-second-run, adding $98 to each man’s earnings. Edwards is fourth in the heeling standings with $18,063.23.

Jeff Flenniken has not backed down. With the 2018 rodeo season soon coming to a close, Flenniken is still number-1 on the head side of the Resistol Rookie standings with $59,847.35. He and Jake Minor tied Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira for ninth at Texarkana with a 4.8-second-run, worth $295 a man. Flenniken is also hanging onto the 17th spot in the Ram World Standings, just $4,529.42 behind Lane Ivy at number-15. 


1. Jeff Flenniken             $59,847.35

2. Brenten Hall               $54,594.20

3. Brye Crites                   $24,311.44

4. Cyle Denison              $20,563.11

5. Laramie Allen               $17,573.61

6. Tanner Green               $17,187.01

7. Curry Kirchner             $10,652.46

8. Austin Crist                    $9,089.91

9. Butch Levell                   $8,024.61

10. Chance Rosencrans    $7,927.96


1. Ross Ashford                $25,821.17

2. James Arnold              $25,109.09

3. Hunter Koch               $20,470.05

4. Jake Edwards             $18,063.23

5. Forrest Fisher              $10,653.30

6. J.C. Flake                      $6,899.24

7. Corey Barnett               $6,488.17

8. Quade Patzke               $5,614.31

9. Tyson Thompson         $3,636.02

10. Adam Fitze                  $3,556.24

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