PRCA Resistol Rookie Standings: Sept. 5, 2018
Flenniken continues to stay in the driver's seat in the Resistol Rookie race.

Jeff Flenniken stays on top of the Resistol Rookie leaderboard after winning $1,763 at the Ellensburg (Washington) Rodeo. Although Flenniken and partner Jake Minor did not win any in the first two rounds they did end up winning fifth in the finals round with a 5.9-second-run, worth $275 each. They also snuck into the average, placing sixth after roping three head in 17.8 seconds, worth $1,488 each. Flenniken is 18th in the PRCA World Standings with $54,570.23.

Brenten Hall also placed at Ellensburg, Washington with his partner Chase Tryan. Hall and Tryan won second in the finals round with a 5.2-second-run, worth $732 each. They ended up third in the average after roping three head in 16.3 seconds, worth $3,161 each. Hall is currently second in the Resistol Rookie standings and 24th in the PRCA World Standings with $51,418.62.


1. Jeff Flenniken                   $54,570.23

2. Brenten Hall                     $51,418.62

3. Brye Crites                        $24,311.44

4. Cyle Denison                   $18,826.70

5. Laramie Allen                    $17,573.61

6. Tanner Green                   $16,035.99

7. Curry Kirchner                  $10,652.46

8. Austin Crist                        $9,089.91

9. Butch Levell                       $8,024.61

10. Chance Rosencrans        $7,927.96


1. James Arnold                    $25,444.78

2. Ross Ashford                     $21,850.88

3. Hunter Koch                     $20,470.05

4. Jake Edwards                   $16,802.92

5. Forrest Fisher                    $10,653.31

6. J.C. Flake                            $6,899.24

7. Quade Patzke                      $5,614.31

8. Corey Barnett                     $5,551.93

9. Adam Fitze                          $3,556.24

10. Randal Eggemeyer           $3,547.59

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