Pre-Finals All Girl Look: Cinch USTRC’s All Girl Top 5
As the year winds down and the ladies head into the Cinch All Girl Finals, we take a look at the journeys of the Top 5.
Kelsey Barry and Cayetano Tijerina
Kelsey Barry and Cayetano Tijerina.

Kelsey Barry with partner Cayetano Tijerina collecting their champion rope bags. Olie’s Images

Kelsey Barry

Barry, a 4.5 header out of Charlotte, Texas, set out on her road to the top spot back in November 2018 with $2,500 in earnings from the Jingle Bell Classic. Then, by the end of May, the 27-year-old had amassed $23,280 in earnings, including a $12,700-coup at April’s Texas Championships. Most recently, Barry added $9,250 to her earnings at August’s X-Treme Team Roping Finals for a 100%, No. 1-worthy, USTRC total of $32,530.

Della Bird

By early January this year, Bird debuted in the Top 10 with $1,970 won at the South Georgia Championships, which the Williston, Florida, 4.5 header promptly followed up on with $5,000 earnings in the #9 Shoot-Out at the 2019 NTRL National Finals. Bird continued chipping away at the standings and—perhaps in celebration of her 17 birthday in August—secured her No. 2 standing at $12,020 with a collective $3,760 earned at the Southern States Classic that same month.

Crystal Stoker

Like Bird, Stoker took her place in the Top 10 in early January by earning $2,375 at December’s South Georgia Championships. Within a month, the 4.5 header from Canton, Georgia added $7,950 to her earnings when she beat out Bird in the 2019 NTRL National Finals #9 Shoot-Out by a scant 0.32 seconds on four head for the win. Those early earnings were enough to solidify 36-year-old Stoker’s current No. 3 standing at $10,325, but it is now she who’s tailing Bird by $1,695.

Lacie Davis

Davis, 25, broke out of the All Girl gate by immediately winning $1,415 in the mid-November NTRL Northeast Regional #9. Another $1,030 earned at the Muddy River Classic kept the Mount Juliet, Tennessee, 4 header on track, but it wasn’t until she won March’s Tennessee Championships #9.5 for $3,350 that she was able to break into the Top 5. In July, Davis earned another $3,155, placing her in the standings’ No. 4 spot with $8,950 as the season’s ending looms.

Brylea Foegelle

At 16 years old, Foegelle is the Top 5’s youngest roper, but she made her presence known at November’s Jingle Bell Classic when she kicked off her season with a check for $3,250. In March and July, the 4 header from Rosanky, Texas, added another $950 to her earnings, but it wasn’t until the X-Treme Team Roping Finals in Stephenville, where she took second for $3,750 that Foegelle snagged the No. 5 spot by just $255 with a current total of $7,950.

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