Pro Rodeo Circuit Update: Travis Tryan Takes No. 1 in Montana Circuit; Dawson McMaster Nudges Hawkins out of No. 1 and MORE
11-time NFR Qualifier Travis Tryan moves to No. 1 from third in the Montana circuit heading standings; Kansas' Dawson McMaster pushes out Buddy Hawkins II from No. 1 and more.

PRCA Circuit Leaders as of August 28, 2019:

Badlands: Jon Peterson, $13,070.03; Trae Smith, $11,980.00

California: Spencer Mitchell, $20,596.71; Nano Garza, $26,188.52

Columbia River: Riley Minor, $14,524.94; Brady Minor, $14,524.94

First Frontier: Ty Barger, $7,562.18; Jake Edwards, $8,236.32

Great Lakes: Coy Rahlmann, $15,207.85; Ryan Von Ahn, $19,846.67

Maple Leaf: Clay Ullery, $17,134.19; Riley Warren, $17,134.24

Montana: Travis Tryan, $13,970.15; Justin Viles, $13,970.15

Mountain States: Tate Kirchenschlager, $14,085.94; Brock Hanson, $12,347.96

Prairie: Coleman Proctor, $17,913.22; Dawson McMaster, $13,307.68

Southeastern: Jacob Dagenhart, $13,835.19; Zack Mabry, $14,888.93

Texas: Manny Egusquiza Jr., $18,547.95; Paul Eaves, $17,118.64

Turquoise: Derrick Begay, $11,878.23; Seth Hall , $12,856.38

Wilderness: Zane Barnson, $18,054.74; Olin Pulham, $18,054.74

Mexico: Fernando Gan Ruiz, $2,463.53; Miguel Valenzuela, $2,463.51

Badlands Circuit

No. 1:

Jon Peterson (Belle Fourche, South Dakota), $13,070.03

Trae Smith (Georgetown, Idaho), $11,980.00

Badlands Circuit Headers:

Out of 38 competitors, only six maintained their rank this week, including the Badlands’ No. 1 and 2 headers, Jon Peterson and Eli Lord, respectively. Throughout the rest of the standings, again just six ropers added money to their earnings, causing the a changeup throughout the rest of the 32 spots.

Cameron Irwin; Buffalo, Wyoming

Irwin ranks No. 3 this week—up five spots from last week’s No. 8 ranking—thanks to $1,620 in new earnings, which he accrued in one fell swoop heading with Rory Brown in the Range Days Rodeo in Rapid City, S.D., where they took 3rd in 5.8-seconds. His total earnings are now $7,078.82.

Jade Schmidt; Box Elder, South Dakota

Schmidt squeezes into the Badlands’ Top 5 headers with $1,048, worth a 2-spot hop up from seventh place. Heading for Luke Morast, the pair took fifth in 6.1-seconds in the Range Days Rodeo, giving Schmidt $6,761.39 in total earnings.

High-Money Earners

North Dakota’s Alfred Hanson (Dickinson) and Cody Hilzendeger (Bismarck) earn mentions this week as the top-earning headers of the Badlands Circuit, providing each an 11-spot gain in the standings. Hanson jumped from 23rd to 12th when he and Levi Tyan won the Range Days Rodeo in 5.5-seconds, worth $2,192 a man; and Hilzendeger moved from 35th to 24th when he and JC Flake took second at the same event in 5.7-seconds, earning them $1,906 each.

Badlands Circuit Heelers:

Trae Smith (Georgetown, Idaho) and Cash Hetzel (Lemmon, South Dakota) hold onto their top two heeling ranks, while five other competitors shake things up from the No. 3 spot to No. 23.

Rory Brown; Edgemont, South Dakota

Brown moves up two places into the No. 3 spot when he and Irwin earned $1,620 each at the Range Days Rodeo, putting Brown’s current total at $8,107.02.

Dustin Harris; O’Neill, Nebraska

Harris, with Jeff Johnston on the front end, took home $1,334 at the Range Days Rodeo when the team took fourth place in 6-seconds flat. With earnings totaling $6,612.27, Harris now holds the No. 6 spot in the standings—up three from last week.

Levi Tyan; Wallace, Nebraska

Tyan matches his header, Hanson, as the Badlands Circuit’s top earner. With the addition of the $2,192 they each cashed in on, Tyan’s total earnings climbed to $5,269.54, moving the needle 10 places for him in the standings, from 20th to 10th.

California Circuit

No. 1:

Spencer Mitchell (Orange Cove, California), $20,596.71

Nano Garza (Las Cruces, New Mexico), $26,188.52

California Circuit Headers:

California’s Spencer Mitchell had a big weekend during the Southern California rodeos, placing second with Tyler Worley at the Rancho Mission Viejo Rodeo in San Juan Capistrano, California, which counted for PRCA world standings earnings (which did not count towards circuit standings), and Cody Cowden at the Norco (California) Mounted Posse PRCA Rodeo.

Spencer Mitchell; Orange Cove, California

Mitchell added $1,976.35 to his California Circuit season earnings after he and California Circuit heeler Cody Cowden knocked down a 4.4-second run at the Norco Mounted Posse PRCA Rodeo, winning the rodeo, adding $1,976.35 to Mitchell’s circuit standings, and unofficial towards his PRCA earnings.

Mitchell continues to lead the California circuit heading standings with a total of $20,596.71.

Wes Moore; Bridgeville, California

Wes Moore made the biggest jump in the California circuit standings with a $954 paycheck.

Moore and Brushton Minton stopped the clock in 5.4-seconds at the Norco Mounted Posse PRCA Rodeo, moving Moore up two spots in the California circuit heading standings to 11th with $6,406.88 won in season earnings.

California Circuit Heelers:

Eight-time NFR Qualifier Cody Cowden begins to close the gap between California circuit heeling standing’s leader Nano Garza (Las Cruces, New Mexico), moving to second in the heeling standings after adding $1,976.35 to his season earnings.

Cody Cowden; Atwater, California

Cowden was the top earner amongst the heelers in the California circuit after his and Mitchell’s $1,976.35 earnings.  

Cowden moved from third to second, behind California circuit heeling standings leader Nano Garza, with $15,683.58.

Brushton Minton; Witter Springs, California

Minton made the greatest leap in the California circuit heeling standings after his and Moore’s $954 paycheck from the Norco Mounted Posse PRCA Rodeo.

He launched from 12th to eighth with a total of $8,506.81 in season earnings. Minton is also ninth in the Resistol Rookie heeling standings with $7,461.32.

Columbia River Circuit

No. 1:

Riley Minor (Ellensburg, Washington), $14,524.94

Brady Minor (Ellensburg, Washington), $14,524.94

Columbia River Circuit Headers:

Ellensburg, Washington’s, Riley Minor continues to lead the Columbia River heading standings with a $3,399.82 lead on Oregon’s Garrett Rogers after adding $1,203 to his circuit standings total earnings.

Riley Minor; Ellensburg, Washington

No. 1 Columbia River circuit standings leader Riley Minor continues to take charge of the standings after adding $1,203 to his earnings.

He and Columbia circuit’s No. 1 heeler Brady Minor tied Shawn Bessette and Ike Folsom to place sixth at the Gem State Stampede in Coeur D’alene, Idaho, with a 5.2-second run.

Riley is also fifth in the PRCA world standings with $92,327.30 in season earnings. 

Tyler Smith; Lewiston, Idaho

Idaho’s Tyler Smith made the biggest move among the Columbia River circuit headers, skyrocketing from 21st to eighth after adding $4,158 to his earnings, giving him a total of $5,710.12 in total circuit earnings. 

Smith and Oregon’s Andy Carlson placed third in a tough average at the Horse Haven / Kennewick (Washington) Round-Up with a time of 17.6-seconds on three head, worth $3,222 a man. Then placed second in the third round with a 6.1-second run, adding $936 to each man’s earnings. 

Brooks Dahozy; Window Rock, Arizona

2019 California Rodeo Salinas Champion Header Brooks Dahozy made a five place leap from 14th to ninth in the Columbia River circuit standings with $5,195.38 to his earnings. 

Dahozy and Walt Woodard tied Columbia River’s Jordan Tye and Jason Minor to place fourth at the Gem State Stampede, roping their steer in 5.1-seconds, adding $1,805 to each man’s earnings. 

Dahozy is currently 38th in the PRCA world standings with $34,526.99.

Garrett Rogers; Baker City, Oregon

Two-time NFR qualifier Garrett Rogers pulls away with the No. 2 position in the Columbia River circuit standings after cashing a $2,858 paycheck.

Rogers paired up with Garrett Busby at the Gem State Stampede where they stopped the clock in 4.8-seconds to win the rodeo, adding $2,858 to each of their earnings. 

By the end of the weekend, Rogers had added another $3,910 to his earnings. He headed for Coleby Payne at the Rancho Mission Viejo Rodeo where they tied Matt Sherwood and Hunter Koch for sixth with a 5.2-second run. 

Rogers is just outside the top 20 in the PRCA world standings, sitting 22nd with $51,122.36.

Columbia River Circuit Heelers:

Brady Minor is not backing down from the No. 1 position in the heeling standings. He currently holds a $6,257.42 lead on Washington’s Jake Minor.

Andy Carlson; Hermiston, Oregon

Andy Carlson made the greatest move in the heeling standings, launching up 15 spots to break into the top 12, from 23rd to eighth with $5,710.12 in season earnings. 

Jason Minor; Ellensburg, Washington

Jason Minor made the next big move, shuffling to third in the Columbia River circuit standings with a total of $7,722.24 added his earnings after tying Dahozy and Woodard at the Gem State Stampede.

Brady Minor; Ellensburg, Washington

Brady Minor retains his No. 1 standing with $14,524.94.

First Frontier Circuit

No. 1:

Ty Barger (Hornell, New York), $7,562.18

Jake Edwards (Fort Ann, New York), $8,236.32

First Frontier Circuit Headers:

With just over a month left in Pro Rodeo’s regular season, Texas’ Kyle Letzelter challenges No. 1 header Ty Barger, who has a $300 lead. 

Kyle Letzelter; Canyon, Texas

Letzelter is now adding pressure to First Frontier circuits No. 1 header Ty Barger after a successful Painted Pony Championship Rodeo series in Lake Luzerne, New York pursuing $1,727 in earnings, totaling his First Frontier circuit earnings to $7,232.16.

Letzelter and Ballston Spa, New York’s, Casey Cox won all three Painted Pony Championship Rodeo over the duration of the weekend. They were 6.8-seconds to win the first rodeo, worth $524 a man, first at the second rodeo with a 6.2-second run, worth $563 a man, then first at the final rodeo of the weekend, roping their steer in 5.9-seconds, adding $640 to their earnings. 

Terry Shetron; Newville, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s, Terry Shetron breaks top 15—up three spots from last week’s 18th position—after adding $640 to his earnings. Shetron and Maryland’s, Kenny Brown won the Cowtown Rodeo in Woodstown Pilesgrove, New Jersey, with a 9.2-second run, giving him $2,229.78 in total earnings.

First Frontier Heelers:

Maryland’s Kenny Brown and New York’s Riggin Dailey each made the the biggest jumps in the First Frontier circuit heeling standings.  

Kenny Brown; Keedysville, Maryland

Kenny Brown leaped from 18th to 11th with $2,808.21 to his circuit earnings, after he and Shetron’s big win at the Cowtown Rodeo.

Riggin Dailey; Gansevoort, New York

Riggin Dailey made the next big jump, shuffling from 17th to 12th after adding $480 to his earnings. 

Dailey and header Ty Rumford placed second with a 7.0-second run, behind the champions of Letzelter and Cox’s 5.9-second run.

Casey Cox; Ballston Spa, New York

Cox is slowly closing the gap between him and No. 1 heeler Jake Edwards after added $1,203 to his season earnings, with an extra $524 that is unofficially added to his circuit standings earnings. 

Great Lakes Circuit

No. 1:

Coy Rahlmann (Ellsinore, Missouri), $15,207.85

Ryan VonAhn (Palmyra, Missouri), $19,846.67

Great Lakes Circuit Headers:

No. 1 header Coy Rahlmann continues to pull away in the Great Lakes circuit after a $783 money earning weekend.

Hadley DeShazo; Ash Flat, Arkansas

Hadley DeShazo made the biggest shake in the Great Lakes circuit standings, jumping four spots to 19th with $1,185.82 in total season earnings. 

DeShazo and heeler Hunter Reed secured a win at the Extreme Events Championship in Waconia, Minnesota, where they pulled tight to drop the flag  in 6.3-seconds, adding $592 to each man’s earnings. 

Coy Rahlmann; Ellsinore, Missouri

Rahlmann continues to stay No. 1 with $15,207.85

Great Lakes Circuit Heelers:

In the heeling, Ryan VonAhn continues to run away with the No. 1 spot with $19,846.67 in circuit earnings after his and Rahlmann added $783 to their earnings, with Joe Day in a distance second. 

Corey Barnett; Scottsburg, Indiana

Corey Barnett moved up to spots from the previous week’s No. 17 position with a total of $2,110.78 to his earnings. 

Barnett and header Keith Hanna roped their steer at the Cattlemen Days Rodeo in 8.2-seconds, to win fourth place money of $510 a man. 

Joe Day; Bernard, Indiana

Joe Day moved to the No. 2 spot in the Great Lakes circuit heeling standings with $9,900.08 in total earnings, after adding $783 to his earnings where he and header Payden Emmett tied No. 1 header and heeler Rahlmann and VonAhn for second with a 5.7-second run at the Cattlemen Days Rodeo in Ashland, Missouri.

Ryan VonAhn; Palmyre, Missouri

VonAhn slips away with No. 1 spot with $19,846.67.

Montana Circuit

No. 1:

Travis Tryan (Billings, Montana), $13,970.15

Justin Viles (Cody, Wyoming), $13,970.15

Montana Circuit Headers:

With eight money earners in the Montana circuit heading standings, Montana’s 11-time NFR qualifier Travis Tryan made notable change by taking over the No. 1 spot in the Montana circuit standings with a $49 lead.

Travis Tryan; Billings, Montana

Travis Tryan moved up two places into the No. 1 spot in the Montana circuit standings, over Brady Tryan with $13,970.15 in season earnings. 

Tryan and Justin Viles added $3,835 to their earnings. They tied Levi Simpson and Cody Doescher for second at the Gem State Stampede in 4.9-seconds, they placed second at the Salmon (Idaho) Stampede PRCA Rodeo with a 5.0-second run, then placed third at the Eastern Montana Fair Rodeo in Miles City, Montana with a 6.1-second run. 

Brady Tryan; Huntley, Montana

Brady Tryan may have backed down one spot in the Montana circuit standings after Travis took over the lead, but he didn’t slow down in season earnings. 

Brady and Clay Futrell won the Eastern Montana Fair Rodeo with a 4.4-second run, then placed sixth at the Salmon Stampede PRCA Rodeo with a 7.1-second run, bring their weekend earnings to $1,179 a man. 

Montana Circuit Heelers:

Wyoming’s Justin Viles and Montana’s Ike Folsom made the greatest moves in the Montana circuit, moving then No. 1 heeler Brett Fleming to third in the circuit standings. 

Justin Viles; Cody, Wyoming

Justin Viles leaped two spots to the No. 1 position with $13,970.15 in circuit earnings after he and Travis Tryan’s big weekend earnings of $3,835 a man. 

Ike Folsom; Dillon, Montana

Montana’s Ike Folsom, now No. 2 in the Montana circuit standings, added $1,203 to his earnings after he and header Shawn Bessette tied the Minor brothers for sixth at the Gem State Stampede with a 5.2-second run. 

Matt Robertson; Augusta, Montana

Matt Robertson made the biggest jump from 26th to 21s  five spots to 21st after dominating the Salmon Stampede PRCA Rodeo with a 4.9-second run. 

Mountain States Circuit

No. 1:

Tate Kirchenschlager (Yuma, Colorado), $14,085.94

Brock Hanson (Bennett, Colorado), $12,347.96

Mountain States Headers:

Colorado’s Travis Bounds and Phillip Schuman made the greatest leaps amongst 41 headers in the Mountain States circuit—each shuffling five spots.

Travis Bounds; Clifton, Colorado

Travis Bounds leaps to second place from seventh with $12,467 in circuit earnings after he and Mountain States circuit heeler T.J. Watts added $4,112 to their earnings. 

At the Colorado State Fair & Rodeo in Pueblo, Colorado, Bounds and Watts won the average with a time of 12.3-seconds on two head. They tied Brandon Webb and Kollin VanAhn and Jade Stoddard and Cole Cooper for first in the first round with a 6.0-second run, then took third in the second round with a 6.3-second run. 

Phillip Schuman; Johnstown, Colorado

Phillip Schuman now takes over the No. 11 spot in the heading after adding $1,117 to his earnings and moving him to 14th in the Resistol Rookie heading standings. 

Schuman and Josh Fillmore placed fourth in the average at the Colorado State Fair & Rodeo with a time of 15.1-seconds on two head, and tied Corey Whinnery and Robert Murphy for sixth in the second round with a 7.7-second run.

Mountain States Heelers:

On the heeling side, Colorado’s Cole Cooper and T.J. Watts made the greatest leaps amongst 44 heelers in the Mountain States circuit. Cooper leap frogs 12 spots, while Watts jumps to No. 2 with a five spot jump. 

Cole Cooper; Clearmont, Wyoming

Cole Cooper made the most noticeable change in the Mountain States circuit heeling standings launching from 23rd to 11th with $5,047.19. 

Along with tying Bounds and Watts and Webb and VonAhn for first in the first round, they placed fifth in the second round with a 6.9-second run and took third in the average with a time of 12.9-seconds on two head. 

T.J. Watts; Eads, Colorado

Watts moves up five spots to second in the Mountain States heeling standings with $11,023.77, challenging Hanson for the No. 1 spot. 

JC Flake; Laramie, Wyoming

Laramie, Wyoming’s JC Flake moves to 14th with $4,252.21 after placing second at the Range Days Rodeo in Rapid City, South Dakota, where he and header Cody Hilzendeger roped their steer in 5.7-seconds.  

Josh Fillmore; Penrose, Colorado

Josh Fillmore moves two spots to 10th with $5,164.65 after his and Schuman’s $1,117 weekend at the Colorado State Fair & Rodeo. 

Prairie Circuit


No. 1:

Coleman Proctor (Pryor, Oklahoma), $17,913.22

Dawson McMaster (Madison, Kansas), $13,307.68

Prairie Circuit Headers:

Oklahoma’s Cale Markham and Gavin Foster (Elmore City, OK) caused the biggest shake-ups in the final week of August in the 2019 Prairie Circuit standings, effectively shuffling the order of headers between the eighth- and 16th-place standings.

Cale Markham; Vinita, Oklahoma

Markham added $2,195.59 to his earnings first with a 5.3-second-win at the Oregon Trail Rodeo in Hastings, Nebraska with partner Brye Crites for $1,139 a man. The fired-up duo then had a repeat 5.3-second, first-place victory at the Cattlemen Days Rodeo in Ashland, Missouri for $1,056 each.

As the week’s top-earning header, Markham was able to move up four places in the standings, from 12th to eighth.

Gavin Foster; Elmore City, Oklahoma

Among the headers, Foster made the greatest jump in the Prairie circuit standings when he added $1,829.42 to his 16-place standing for a bump up to No. 11.

In the same Oregon Trail Rodeo heat that Markham won, Foster and his partner, Daniel Reed, took third in 6.0 seconds for $746 each; but the pair then took first at the Great Plains Stampede Rodeo in Altus, Oklahoma, in 5.6-seconds for $1,083.

Coleman Proctor; Pryor, Oklahoma

Coleman Proctor retains his No. 1 standing with $17,913.22.

Prairie Circuit Heelers:

Kansas heeler Dawson McMaster nudges out Buddy Hawkins II for No. 1, while big earnings from Oklahomans Daniel Reed and Brye Crites shake up the fourth- through 12th-place standings.

Dawson McMaster; Madison, Kansas

Trailing Hawkings by $920.90 last week, McMaster turned the tide when he heeled ‘em down in 5.4 for No. 2, Nick Becker, worth $943 a man at the Oregon Trail Rodeo. The check makes McMaster the No. 1 Prairie circuit heeler by just $21.94 going into September.

Daniel Reed; Ada, Oklahoma

In addition to the earnings accrued heeling with No. 11 header Gavin Foster, Reed also took home $592 for a 6.3-second win at the Extreme Events Championship in Waconia, Minnesota heeling for Hadley DeShazo, giving him $1,829.42 in earnings for the week and moving four places into the No. 4 standing.

Brye Crites; Afton, Oklahoma

With $2,905.14 added to his earnings, Crites lays claim to the Prairie circuit’s highest earner this week.

With the $2,195.59 already earned from roping with No. 8 header Cale Markham, Crites then earned an addition $710 when he roped with No. 13 header Cole Morgan in 5.3 seconds for the win at the Cattlemen Days Rodeo. The haul moves Crites into eighth place. 

Southeastern Circuit

No. 1:

Jacob Dagenhart (Statesville, North Carolina), $13,835.19

Zack Mabry (Piedmont, Alabama), $14,888.93

Southeastern Circuit Headers:

With small movement in the Southeastern circuit standings, Arkansas’ Clint Wallace is one out of 50 headers to make a move in the standings 

Clint Wallace; Little Rock, Arkansas

Clint Wallace jumped one spot to ninth in the Southeastern circuit standings with $8,293.22 in total earnings. 

Wallace and Heath Williams placed fifth at the Cattlemen Days Rodeo with a 12.0-second run, adding $328 to their earnings. 

Southeastern Circuit Heelers:

Out of Arkansas, Heath Williams battling for the No. 1 spot in the Southeastern circuit standings.

Heath Williams; Ozark, Arkansas

Williams is just $44.60 shy from moving into the No. 1 spot with $14,844.33 in circuit earnings after his and Wallace’s fifth place win at the Cattlemen Days Rodeo. 

Williams is also top five in the Resistol Rookie race with $15,381.70. 

Texas Circuit

No. 1:

Manny Egusquiza Jr. (Marianna, Florida), $18,547.95

Paul Eaves (Ionedell, Missouri), $17,118.64

Texas Circuit Headers:

Consecutive No. 1 header Manny Egusquiza is not slowing down after adding $1,082 to his earnings, but Rowdy Rieken takes a five-place jump in the standings, giving him the biggest standings change. 

Rowdy Rieken; Arp, Texas

Rowdy Rieken jumped five spots after a $466 weekend. He and Boogie Ray won the Mesquite (Texas) Championship Rodeo with a 6.7-second run. Rieken is just outside the top 30 with $3,622.65.

Stratton Lopez; San Antonio, Texas

Stratton Lopez jumped three spots in the Texas circuit standings when he and Matt Schieck won the Stockyards Championship in Fort Worth, Texas, with a 8.3-second run, worth $886 a man, moving Lopez’s circuit earnings to $2,818.48.

Texas Circuit Heelers:

As 50 heelers do-battle in the Texas circuit, Boogie Ray and York Gill were the only two heelers to make changes to their earnings, while 2018 World Champion Heeler Paul Eaves continues to to lead the charge with $17,118.64 in circuit earnings. 

York Gill; Stephenville, Texas

Texas’ York Gill took a nine spot leap to 36th in the Texas circuit standings with $3,084 in total earnings. 

Gill, who is heeling for No. 1 header Manny Egusquiza took a second place win at the Mesquite Championship Rodeo with a 11.7-second run, and placed second at the Stockyards Championship rodeo with a 10.8-second run.

Boogie Ray; Mabank, Texas

Ray continues to hang onto sixth in the Texas circuit standings with $13,103.52 after his and Rowdy Rieken’s $466 win.

Wilderness Circuit

No. 1:

Zane Barnson (Washington, Utah) $18,054.74

Olin Pulham (Naphi, Utah) $18,054.74

Wilderness Circuit Headers:

Utah’s Zane Barnson continues to remain untouchable in the Wilderness circuit heading standings with a $4,000 lead on the No. 2 man, while Kaden Richard breaks into the top five. 

Kaden Richard; Roosevelt, Utah

After tying Charly Crawford and Logan Medlin to win the Golden Spike Rodeo in Tremonton, Utah, with a 5.4-second run, Kaden Richard, with heeler Brady Ramone, added $2,385 to their earnings. Richard now sits fourth in the Wilderness circuit with $9,657.56 in circuit earnings. 

Zane Barnson; Washington, Utah

Barnson continues to pull away with the No. 1 spot in the Wilderness circuit standings with $18,054.74

Wilderness Circuit Heelers:

Utah heeler Olin Pulham is not slowing down as the No. 1 man in the Wilderness circuit heeling position, as Cole Wilson works his way to break into the top 10.

Cole Wilson; Lake Shore, Utah

Lake Shore, Utah’s Cole Wilson moves three spots to ninth with after placing sixth with header Max Kutter, at the Golden Spike Rodeo with a 6.1-second run. Wilson has a $200 lead on the No. 10 man with $4,883.34.

Olin Pulham; Naphi, Utah

Pulham continues to stay in the driver’s seat with $18,054.74

Brady Ramone; Orangeville, Utah

Utah’s Brady Ramone moves one spot to sixth after he and Richard tied Crawford and Medlin to dominate at the Golden Spike Rodeo moving his $7,272.78 earnings up to $9,657.56.

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