Resistol Rookie Race: Johnson Jumps into Top 10 on Heel Side; Fuller Continues Stays in Number-One Spot in Heading
Carson Johnson jumps to sixth in the Resistol Rookie heeling race and more.

Resistol Rookie heeling contender Carson Johnson is here to play. After winning a total of $3,567 to his earnings over the weekend he is now sixth in the Resistol Rookie race with  $4,627.95. Carson is heeling for his older brother Kellan this year. They recently won the Buffalo Bill Rodeo in North Platte, Nebraska with a 5.0-second-run, worth $2,041 a man. Then again went 5.0-seconds to tie Colorado’s Travis Bounds and T.J. Watts for first at the Evergreen (Colorado) Rodeo, worth $1,526 a man. His earnings also moved him to second in the Mountain States Circuit.

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Michael Tash heeled for Manny Egusquiza Jr., who was heading for Dustin Searcy early on in the season. They tied Nelson Wyatt and Levi Lord for third at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Posse in Cleburne, Texas with a 4.2-second-run, worth $1,311 a man. They also placed fifth at the Parker County Sheriffs Posse Frontier Days And PRCA Rodeo in Weatherford, Texas with a 5.6-second-run, worth $1,758 a man. Tash is currently third in the Resistol Rookie heeling standings with $7,747.65.

Montana’s Kal Fuller is not messing around. With $14,907.45 in earnings, he is currently in the number-one spot on the head side. He headed for Kasper Roy at the Belt (Montana) PRCA Rodeo to place fourth with a 10.6-second-run, worth $543 a man, which put him eighth in the Montana circuit. Fuller is also currently 37th in the PRCA world standings. 

Top 10 Headers:

1. Kal Fuller with $14,907.45

2. Colton Campbell with $11,691.63

3. Garrett Chick with $11,213.93

4. Lane Lowry with $5,503.03

5. Clayton Eggers with $4,355.53 

6. Brodi Jones with $4,232.30

7. Cooper White with $4,044.27

8. Justin Farber with $3,893.17

9. Cody McCluskey with $3,686.98

10. Dillon Holyfield with $3,492.52

Top 10 Heelers:

1. Heath Williams with $13,681.33

2. Wyatt Hansen with $11,159.79

3. Michael Tash with $7,747.65

4. Payden Bray with $7,468.85

5. Brushton Minton with $4,787.96

6. Carson Johnson with $4,627.95

7. Jerren Johnson with $3,987.28

8. Carl Sweazea with $3,115.38

9. Ben Gambrell with $2,966.32

10. Peyton Leflett with $2,516.68

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