Reigning Resistol Rookie of the Year Heeler Cody Hogan’s Cowboy Christmas Update
Hogan places at the Greeley (Colorado) Stampede with partner Tyler Waters.

Former Resistol Rookie Heeler, Cody Hogan recently tied with Clay Smith and Paul Eaves for fourth in the average after roping three head in 18.2 seconds at the Greeley Stampede with partner Tyler Waters, worth $2,113 each. Waters and Hogan also tied for sixth in the second round with J.D. Yates and Ryon Tittel, Cale Markham and Jake Clay, Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan and Rhett Anderson and Coleby Payne with a 5.2-second run, worth $338 each. Then into the final round, Waters and Hogan stopped the clock in 6.5 seconds for fourth, worth $623 each. Hogan is currently 43in the standings with $18,843.61.

Kaitlin Gustave: How’s your Cowboy Christmas going so far?

Cody Hogan: It’s been alright. It hasn’t been the best, but it’s better than nothing.

KG: What would you say is hurting you?

CH: We haven’t been doing too good. He’s (Tyler Waters) missed a couple and I’ve missed a few. We split fourth and fifth at Greely (Stampede) and that’s all we’ve done so far.

KG: Walk me through your runs at the Greeley Stampede?

CH: The first one was a little bit stronger. We ran him about half way down the arena. Tyler did a good job of just catching him and setting him, and I heeled him pretty fast. The second one was a little bit better. He was a little bit slower than our first one. Tyler got out good and got it on him and I heeled him fast. We were about 5.2—think we placed in the second round. Then in the short round the steer ran on a little bit and we just went and caught him and made a good run.

KG: Did you have any game plans going into Greeley?

CH: No, not really. We just knew that we needed to catch and put some runs together and everything else would fall into place.

KG: What call-back did you come into the short?

CH: I think we were splitting fourth, fifth and sixth going into it.

KG: What horse are you riding?

CH: I’m riding a yellow that I got from Wesley Thorp a couple months ago. He’s 10 years old. He’s just pretty easy—solid—does the same thing every time. I call him Wild Yellow.

KG: Tell me about your partner?

CH: Tyler Waters—he’s pretty cool. We get a long pretty well. He does a good job heading and turning steers. We roped last year so it kind of lead to this. He didn’t have a partner and I didn’t either, so we just thought let’s try it again.

KG: You won the Resistol Rookie Heeling title last year. Do you think your rookie year has helped you prepare for this year?

CH: Yes, I do. It’s a lot different now being at the rodeos. I feel a lot more comfortable.

KG: What was a big learning factor for you from last year?

CH: Just knowing that when you do bad just go on to the next one and forget about it—stay positive.

KG: What advice could you give to the current Resistol Rookies?

CH: Just don’t give up. Keep going no matter how tough it gets, it will straighten itself out later on. 

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