Resistol Rookie Update: Six Rookies Cash In as Season Winds Down
Resistol Rookies are beginning to thin out with just a few weeks left in PRCA pro rodeo's regular season.

Top 10 Resistol Rookie Headers:

1. Kal Fuller, $36,858.91

2. Garrett Chick, $27,650.94

3. Colton Campbell, $22,485.30

4. Cooper White, $11,479.73

5. Dillon Holyfield, $7,981.18

6. Mason Boettcher, $7,788.72

7. Jordan Tye, $7,722.24

8. Cody McCluskey, $7,053.59

9. Dex Maddock, $6,654.32

10. Lane Lowry, $6,548.78

Top 10 Resistol Rookie Heelers:

1. Payden Bray, $61,443.99

2. Wyatt Hansen, $22,920.52

3. Carson Johnson, $18,341.14

4. Heath Williams, $16,654.50

5. Clancey Kreutzer, $9,500.45

6. Michael Tash, $8,926.41

7. Jerren Johnson, $8,679.90

8. Drew Carnes, $8,251.51

9. Brushton Minton, $7,461.32

10. Dylin Ahlstrom, $6,916.38

As PRCA pro rodeo’s regular season is coming to a close end, the Resistol Rookies are re-evaluating their rodeo count and earnings for their shot at the 2019 Resistol Rookie Header and Heeler year-end title. 

Resistol Rookie Headers: 

Kal Fuller; Bozeman, Montana

Kal Fuller is currently leading the charge in the Resistol Rookie heading standings and is 36th in the PRCA world standings with $36,858.91with a few weeks left to go in PRCA pro rodeo’s regular season. 

Fuller and heeler Kasper Roy placed second at the Spokane (Washington) Interstate Rodeo with a 5.5-second run, worth $1,048 a man. They also placed third in the first round at the Pendleton (Oregon) Round-Up with a 5.4-second run, worth $3,470 a man, unofficially. 

Garrett Chick; Salado, Texas 

Garrett Chick, who has been roping with Ross Ashford, teamed up with fellow Resistol Rookie contender Paden Bray at the Lewiston (Idaho) Roundup where they tied Britt and Jake Smith and Jr. Dees and Lane Siggins for eighth with a 5.5-second run, worth $598 a man. Chick is set to rope with two-time World Champion Heeler Walt Woodard beginning in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Chick continues to chase Fuller in the Resistol Rookie standings with $27,650.94.

Dex Maddock; Filer, Idaho

Dex Maddock launched from 13th in the Resistol Rookie heading standings to ninth after winning the Spokane Interstate Rodeo with Kurtis Berry. They roped their steer in 5.3 seconds to add $1,266 to each man’s earnings. 

Lane Lowry; Orcutt, California

Lane Lowry continues at 10th in the Resistol Rookie heading standings with $6,548.78 in season earnings. He headed for California’s Chance Machado to tie Nate Singletary and Tom Bill Johnson for second at the Banning (California) Stagecoach Days with a 7.5-second run, worth $705 a man. 

Resistol Rookie Heelers: 

Paden Bray; Granbury, Texas 

Paden Bray continues to hang in the crying hole of the PRCA world standings with $61,443.98 in season earnings and has taken off with the Resistol Rookie heeling title. 

Bray is currently leading the average at the Pendleton Round-Up with regular season partner Erich Rogers with a time of 11.4-seconds on two head. 

Heath Williams; Ozark, Arkansas

Heath Williams and Clint Wallace won the Three Rivers Shrine Club Championship Rodeo in Poplar Bluff, Missouri with a 7.1-second run, worth $427 a man to keep him fourth in the Resistol Rookie standings with $16,654.50.

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