RFD TVs The American Open Team Roping and Breakaway Roping Draw
The long go draw for RFD TVs The American in the open team roping and the breakaway roping.

Team Roping 

1. Clay Smith and Jake Long

2. Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira 

3. Aaron Tsinigine and Trey Yates

4. Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp 

5. Bubba Buckaloo and Chase Tryan

6. Marcus Theriot and Coleby Payne 

7. Kellan Johnson and Carson Johnson

8. Rhen Richard and Cody Doescher 

9. Spencer Mitchell and Russell Cardoza

10. Coleman Proctor and Ryan Motes

11. Clay Tryan and McCoy Profili

12. Derrick Begay and Cory Petska

13. Luke Brown and Paul Eaves 

14. Dustin Egusquiza and Kory Koontz

15. Riley Minor and Brady Minor

16. Chad Masters and Joseph Harrison 


1. Lari Dee Guy

2. Amber Crawford

3. Sawyer Gilbert

4. Paige Abernathy

5. Mckenna Hickson

6. Tibba Smith 

7. Tanegai Zilverberg

8. Kelsie Chace

9. Madison Outhier

10. Lydia Townson

11. Taylor Munsell

12. Jackie Crawford

13. Abigail Hampton

14. Josie Conner

15. Jacie Cross

16. Beau Peterson

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