Robins and Winn Dominate the #13 YETI World Series of Team Roping Finale

Utah’s Hank Robins, 33, and Kycen Winn, 21, dominated in the #13 YETI World Series of Team Roping Finale after knocking down four steers in 29.03 seconds, worth $234,000.

“We just got good cattle and just roped them,” Robins said. “We had about a full second. It took a lot of pressure off of us.”

Robins and Winn just needed to make a 9-second run to win the roping, but made an aggressive 7.44-second run on a good steer to win the average and take the victory lap inside the South Point Hotel and Casino’s arena. 

“I wasn’t even nervous,” Winn said.

Robins rode a dark bay 18-year-old head horse named Leroy who helped him rope all four steers. 

“I bought him off of a feedlot from the Guerneys in 2007,” Robins said. “He’s just a natural—tough as nails. I’ve actually ridden him here at the Finale four times.”

Hank Robins sticking it on one for Kycen Winn. Jennings Photography

Winn’s horse, 13-year-old gelding Jazz, has been in the family for 10 years now. 

“My Uncle Al sold him to my grandpa when he was 3 years old,” Winn said. “My dad and my brother rode him and they hated him. When I was younger I didn’t like roping a whole lot, but then I kind of took over and from there no one else rode him but me. My grandpa just gave him to me. From day one he’s never bucked. When I was younger I wouldn’t ride anything I didn’t think I could ride around, but now I feel like we communicate.” 

Both Robins and Winn had the support of their family to help battle through the rounds. Robins was accompanied by his wife, Bonnie and 18-month-old, Reannon. Winn’s mother Shelly and brother Taylor came in to watch him rope in the #13, but his dad and girlfriend will be down to watch him in the rest of the ropings later on this week. 

When Robins isn’t roping he’s working as a Finance Advisor at Edward Jones and a local farrier. 

“I have a degree in finance and they were look for someone in our hometown and they kind of found me,” Robins explained. “I also shoe about 15 head a week. Its been good for my other business. I have a family and professional job so roping more of a hobby for me. Kycen’s focus is more on roping and getting through college.”

Winn is currently a junior at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah, majoring in elementary education and administration as well as an active competitor on their college rodeo team. 

Kycen Winn celebrating the $234,000 win with a well-deserved victory lap. Jennings Photography

“I come from a long history of educators,” Winn said. “My great grandpa, grandpa and dad are principles. My brother is math teacher.”

Not only did Winn bank half of the $234,000 purse, he also started out his World Series of Team Roping Finale week winning the #14 Super Qualifier with Jace Mitchell. They roped four head in 24.67 seconds to bank $40,000.

“It’s not even real yet,” Winn laughed. “It took me 24 hours for the #14 to set in. Maybe when I get home it will all set in. My mom is going to take it and put it all in a safe.” 

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