Driven, Driven 2.0, Legend and The Perfect Spin FREE on All Thanksgiving Weekend is offering Driven, Driven 2.0, Legend and The Perfect Spin for free over Thanksgiving weekend.
Clay Tryan ERA team roping
Clay Tryan on his way to the 2016 Elite Rodeo Athletes World Title with Jade Corkill. | Courtesy ERA

All Thanksgiving Weekend 2022, the roping industry’s foundational instructional videos are free to anyone, only on

  • After roping professionally for more than 20 years and dominating the sport at the jackpots and major rodeos, Clay Tryan has produced The Perfect Spin, an instructional video for ropers of all levels.
  • Patrick Smith’s Driven and Driven 2.0 provides the most detailed roping instruction available anywhere, while also teaching ropers how to handle team roping’s mental roller coaster and manage confidence and attitude in and out of the arena.
  • Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith’s instructional film Legend offers side-by-side comparisons of lower-numbered ropers and professionals to show common mistakes that keep you from winning as well as previously untold stories from the rodeo road.

“This free weekend featuring the very best of is an opportunity for ropers and their families to enjoy the best team roping footage together, while they gather for holiday meals and time together,” TRJ Editor Chelsea Shaffer said. “There’s nothing like a good team roping binge to bring a family together. It’s almost as good as a day in the roping pen, but for families like mine—here in Wyoming over Thanksgiving—that isn’t really an option.”

Ropers can watch through the native app on their Roku, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, iOS App or Android App, or on any smart phone or web browser. also comes with membership to Power Team Ropers, a Facebook group exclusive to active members where Jake Barnes, Clay O’Brien Cooper and Matt Sherwood provide daily roping and mental performance coaching, one-on-one. is also the home of the Relentless Remuda’s training program, from Miles Baker’s Colt-Starting Series to Trevor Brazile’s elite fine-tuning of the best horses in the industry. Plus, the website has added expert horseman like Dakota Kirchenschlager, Tate Kirchenschlager, Brad Lund and Ryan Motes to the sites’ thousands and thousands of videos.

It’s also the home of the American Rope Horse Futurity Association World Championships, the Riata Buckle, the American Contender Qualifying Series and the Lone Star Shootout—four of the most critical events in the sport. Plus, it’s the only place to find the Danny Dietz Memorial, the Carter Robertson Memorial and many, many more ropings throughout the coming year.

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