Rylie Smith & Hope Thompson Dominate The WRWC Challenger Division
Former Women's Rodeo World Championship winners Rylie Smith and Hope Thompson are back with a vengeance in 2022, looking to cash in on a massive WRWC payday.
hope thompson rylie smith wrwc
Rylie Smith & Hope Thompson are looking to recapture their WRWC title from 2020 in Cowtown in 2022. Photo by Bullstock Media Courtesy WRWC

Rylie Smith and Hope Thompson stood out above the field during the second qualifying round and semifinal performance of the Women’s Rodeo World Championship, winning the second go-round and the semifinals.

They made the fastest run of the qualifying round with a 7.97-second run, and they came back in the semifinals with an 8.00-second run, putting them in the top spot of the average with a time of 115.97 seconds (Editor’s note: Smith and Thompson took a no-time in Round 1, which, in WRWC competition, equates to a 100, explaining their unusual aggregate time.).

Tracey Nelson & Kaylee Billingsley Turn In Fastest Time in WRWC Challenger Round 1

WRWC Payout So Far

Their total earnings were $2,500 in the qualifying round, $1,000 in the semifinal performance, and $2,900 for their average win. Thompson also won the WRWC All-Around Buckle to earn a $20,000 bonus on top of a $5,000 Heeler Challenger World Champion bonus, and Smith won the $5,000 Heading Challenger World Champion bonus.

In 2020, Thompson and Smith took home $90,000 for their win at the inaugural WRWC. Thompson is the richest athlete within the WCRA, with over $200,000 in earnings.

Switch-Enders: Smith and Thompson Capitalize at Inaugural Women’s Rodeo World Championships Earning $90K

“It feels so good to be doing what I love and have success,” Smith said. “I’m so thankful for the WRWC for giving women this opportunity and for the good horses, incredible partners, and awesome support system that God has blessed me with. I’m looking forward to tonight and the opportunity to repeat with my great friend and partner, Hope.”

The top 10 athletes in each discipline will advance to Wednesday’s Showdown Round, where the top three will advance to the Triple Crown of Rodeo Round to compete for the Event Champion and $60,000. 

Here’s What You Need to Know About the 2022 Women’s Rodeo World Championship

Athletes Advancing to the Showdown Round:

  • Jackie Crawford & Annette Stahl
  • Katelyn Perkins & Shanna Perkins
  • Kylie McLean & Megan Gunter
  • Hope Thompson & Rylie Smith
  • Rylie Smith & Hope Thompson
  • Tracey Nelson & Kaylee Billingsley
  • Bailey Bates & Elaina Damante
  • Sydney Ball & Sally Ball
  • Kaitlyn Torres & Kate Mote
  • Bev Robbins & Jessy Remsburg

Women’s Rodeo World Championship Team Roping Challenger Results:

Qualifying Round 2:

  1. Rylie Smith & Hope Thompson, 7.97 seconds, $2,500
  2. Sydney Ball & Sally Ball, 8.12 seconds, $1,000
  3. Tracey Nelson & Kayley Billing, 8.25 seconds, $500
  4. Bailey Bates & Elaina Damante, 8.26 seconds

Semifinal Round:

  1. Rylie Smith & Hope Thompson, 8.00 seconds, $1,000
  2. Bailey Bates & Elaina Damante, 14.21 seconds
  3. Sydney Ball & Sally Ball, 14.49 seconds
  4. JJ Hampton & Bailey Bates, 18.79 seconds

Aggregate on Three:

  1. Rylie Smith & Hope Thompson, 115.97 seconds, $2,900
  2. Tracey Nelson & Kaylee Billingsley, 117.77 seconds, $2,400
  3. Bailey Bates & Elaina Damante, 122.47 seconds, $1,900
  4. Sydney Ball & Sally Ball, 122.61 seconds, $1,400
  5. Kaitlyn Torres & Kate Mote, 125.90 seconds, $900
  6. Emma Carrell & Jayme Marcrum, 127.06, $500
  7. Ann Egusquiza & Patti McCuchen, 128.04 seconds
  8. Shanna Perkins & Katelyn Perkins, 129.20 seconds
  9. JJ Hampton & Bailey Bates, 130.84 seconds
  10. Kennlee Tate & Kersti Passig, 208.90 seconds

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