Tracey Nelson & Kaylee Billingsley Turn In Fastest Time in WRWC Challenger Round 1

Tracey Nelson and Kaylee Billingsley had the fastest run in the challenger team roping with a 9.52-second time, earning $2,500 and a spot in the semifinals.

Photo by Bull Stock Media. Courtesy WCRA

The Women’s Rodeo World Championship got underway on Monday evening in Fort Worth, Texas, at the Cowtown Coliseum, with fierce competition for world titles.

In the challenger team roping, Tracey Nelson and Kaylee Billingsley turned in the fastest time with a 9.52-second run, earning them $2,500 and a spot to compete in the semifinal round.

“I feel like I’m on top of the world right now,” Nelson, of McDavid, Florida, said. 

Through the JX2 Finals Qualifier Series event in Jacksonville, Florida she qualified for the WRWC with partner Sally Ball and then competed in further events to earn the points needed to guarantee her place at the top.

Kenna Francis & Whitney DeSalvo Top Fort Worth’s WRWC Pro Qualifying Round

On the heel side, Billingsley, from Phoenix, Arizona, secured her spot at the WRWC after winning the Dowtown Arena Qualifier Series in Wickenburg with partner Keylie Kemple.

In regards to the game plan for the rest of the week, Nelson offered, “Enjoy the journey and let’s see how it goes,” for the team.

The second round of competition will take place at 12:00 p.m. CST on Tuesday, May 17, 2022. The remaining semifinal positions will be filled by the top two cowgirls in the second qualifying round, and the top eight in the aggregate after the second round. 

WRWC Team Roping Challenger Qualifier Round 1:

  1. Tracey Nelson & Kaylee Billingsley, 9.52 seconds, $2,500
  2. JJ Hampton & Bailey Bates, 12.05 seconds, $1,000
  3. Madison Webb & Kenlee Tate, 12.41 seconds, $500
  4. Kaitlyn Torres & Kate Mote, 13.04 seconds
  5. Ann Egusquiza & Patti McCutchen, 14.22 seconds
  6. Shanna Perkins & Katelyn Perkins, 14.39 seconds
  7. Michaela Ponce & Renea Bolling, 15.55 seconds
  8. Jessica Bolerjack & Jaycie Burch, 15.61 seconds

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