Sellers and Claiborn Win #10 Ram Exclusive at USTRC’s Cinch NFTR
Brian Sellers and Marty Claiborn win $33,000 in the #10 Ram Exclusive.

Missouri’s Brian Sellers and Marty Claiborn won the #10 Ram Exclusive after roping four head in 31.88 seconds, worth $33,000 and each roper received a $10,000 RAM truck voucher. 

“Our short round run was good,” Sellers said. “I think we were about a 6-second-run–I don’t recall exactly. I think we had to be 11 seconds to win it.”

Sellers had two horses with him in Oklahoma City but ended up riding his blaze-faced sorrel.

“His name’s Tequila,” Sellers said. “He’s my higher-numbered horse. He’s my best horse and I just wanted to make sure I gave my partner the best chance to win. I ride him normally in the #11’s and #12’s if I ever get a chance to rope in those. I had a second horse there in a stall but he had sore feet so I rode Tequila.”

Sellers and Claiborn met in the roping pen back in Missouri and have competed with each other off and on for the last few years. 

“I met Marty a few years back roping at some local stuff around home,” Sellers explained. “Him, his brother, and their friend Ben Scott—they all rope. We all rope together when we see each other and then every once in a while we try to all get together for some of this bigger stuff and get all practiced up. I’ve known him for a little while now and they are a bunch of good guys to rope with.”

Sellers has already planned out what his share of the purse will go towards.

“It helps me out a little bit. I was thinking about trying to build a barn with my share of the money. I won a little bit more money with a second partner so that added a little more to my pocket.”  

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