The Start of the Summer Run

Clay Tryan talks about loading the family in the rig for the summer run.

We are headed out for the summer. My family and I will be on the road for about the next three months. We’ve got this Bloomer trailer loaded down with a little bit of everything. Ropes, dummies, bats, gloves, baseballs, goggles and life jackets. Tyler and Braylon are excited about going. They seem to really like it. They are lining up Fastlane partners as we’re driving to Santa Fe.

Credit: Tryan Family Photo

I’m looking forward to all the rodeos in the summer. I’d like to win Reno for the first time. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to try to win the Bob Feist Invitational for the 4th time. It hasn’t ever been done so its definitely a goal of mine. Another win I’d like to get is Salinas. Me and Pard aka Dave Motes will hopefully be battling it out for a 6th title there. And I’d like to get Dash a Cheyenne buckle this year. I always want to win and I’m going to bear down and we’ll see if I can get that done. I’m excited about my herd of horses and I’ve got a great partner so I’m ready. Clay

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