The Big Ones: 2020 NFR Round 4 Steer Report

This is the strongest pen, and they hop so fast they're harder to heel than they look.

Charly Crawford and Logan Medlin: 824

Chad Masters waved it off him in Round 1. He steps left just a touch, but will fit in their wheelhouse.

Levi Simpson and Shay Carroll: 711

Kolton Schmidt missed him in Round 1. He’s the opposite of their first-round steer, and he goes left instead of right. 

Clay Tryan and Jake Long: 829

Buddy Hawkins missed him in Round 1. He really, really runs. 

Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins: 538

Paul Eaves missed him in Round 1. Steer stepped off to the right. 

Dustin Egusquiza and Travis Graves: 833

Logan Medlin missed him in Round 1. Steer didn’t take the handle great, and can be funky to heel. 

Colby Lovell and Paul Eaves: 826

EXTRA. Really, really good steer. Made a good run when they ran him through after the rodeo, led off good and slows up a little when the head rope hits him. 

Cody Snow and Junior Nogueira: 838

Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan were 5.2 the first time on him. Great steer.

Clay Smith and Jade Corkill: 822

Great chance, right down the middle. Dustin Egusquiza and Travis Graves were 4.9 on him in the first round. 

Luke Brown and Joseph Harrison: 840

Nelson Wyatt and Levi Lord had him in Round 1, and he was medium-plus and faded right. 

Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan: 825

Luke Brown and Joseph Harrison were 4.9 on him in the first round. Great chance—right down the middle.

Kolton Schmidt and Hunter Koch: 712

Erich Rogers and Paden Bray won the first round on this steer. Great chance. 

Jeff Flenniken and Tyler Worley: 768

This was Clay Tryan’s first steer, and he shuffled out of the corner and Jake Long missed him. 

Nelson Wyatt and Levi Lord: 713

Clay Smith and Jade Corkill had him in the first round to be 5.1. Straight and down the middle. 

Erich Rogers and Paden Bray: 834

This is Cody Snow and Junior Nogueira’s first-round steer, and he’s medium-plus and down the middle. 

Chad Masters and Wesley Thorp: 821

This is Jeff Flenniken and Tyler Worley’s first steer, and he was medium-plus and right down the middle. Flenniken and Worley knocked him down in 6.7. TRJ

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